Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The reno continues

I painted from 6am until 10 pm last night. But it is all done...well except for a few flaws I noticed in the daylight today...sigh. I can touch those up. I soaked in the tub for half and hour last night - took that long to get all the paint off my hands and nails. :)

Yesterday was soo busy but a lot was accomplished. The electrician came this morning and is hopeful the new hall light can be installed this week before the floor goes in. YEAH!! I wish I were not sitting in an office for the rest of the week. I may have to make a few quick drives home on my lunch hours. Will I be able to concentrate?

The maple awaits the installers.

The front hall - all painted and awaiting the electrician and then the floor installers.

The laundry room - this took several hours to paint yesterday. Do you know how many little bits and pieces had to be moved or painted around? I love the new colour. It is not quite as yellow as the picture appears. Now we wait for the linoleum to be installed on Thursday.

What do you think of this colour? For our mantle over the fireplace? To cover the old oak mantle? ....Me too. But the gal at Benjamin Moore assured us that it didn't dry this colour.

It is a very rich deep dark yummy chocolate - almost black, but not quite. I love it!

Today I am thankful for:

1. The smell of summer in the morning. Oh how it lifts my spirits!
2. The electrician who is very busy is willing to get this done this week before the new maple floor is in.
3. The sweetest husband in the world, who phones me three times this morning before taking off on a business trip all week.
4. leftover Chinese food from last night, to take in my lunch today.
5. A very clean looking laundry room - makes me want to do laundry!
6. Beautiful yellow tulips next to red geraniums in the garden.

7. The constant squeak in my Mazda got fixed yesterday under warranty. Oh thank you!!
8. I got a parking spot RIGHT outside the Dr office at 8am this morning. (downtown too)
9. I found someone to take away all the garbage piled up in the garage - hopefully today.
10. Harold is home this week to be here when all these workers arrive.

I am off to work at JSI - if I seem a little distracted, it is because my brain is still trying to make sure all the little things get done before the workmen descend on us later this week and next.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julie! Its all so beautiful! I saw the couch on the other site - love it. Could you tell me what the color is in that paint can? We are re doing our fire place and I need ideas! susan

Julie said...

Hi Susan,
The paint is a Benjamin Moore paint in the "affinity" line called wenge AF-180. We bought it in the new Aura line in a semi gloss. It goes on beautifully and the Aura line means no priming or sanding - love it!