Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Post Tenebras Lux

Today is Reformation Day! 
Yes it is Halloween too and the girls will be dressed up and having fun in the neighbourhood. But it is also Reformation Day, the day Martin Luther posted his 95 thesis in 1517 and started the Reformation movement that would proclaim the authority of scripture and restore the Gospel to His church. An army of Reformers came from this movement - John Calvin being a prominent one. 

Here is a brief video from a great preacher, John Piper. 
In spite of his flaws, the essential meaning of Calvin's life and preaching is that he recovered and embodied a passion for the majesty of God and his word. The labor of exposition through preaching was the supreme work of his life.... in celebration of the God who restored the gospel to his church, we are making this video available today. My prayer is that it would stir in your heart a fresh passion for the majesty of the word of God.  John Piper

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Babysitting tonight.

First haircut!

 Feeling pretty grown up with the new hair and the shades. 

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Miss Norah

at gymnastics...

Sometimes I kiss this sweetheart nonstop for 15 minutes. She doesn't seem to mind. :)

and Miss Eva

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Yorkton Saskatchewan Wedding

Well, Springside actually but close enough. The place was oozing good ole country hospitality and friends and family were having a great time celebratin' Celeste and Fred's weddin' day. A beautiful couple in every way. It was a real blessing to be part of the days festivities.  

And what a party it was! Yes sir the day was filled with "celebratory activities of feasting (a pig on a spit), imbibing-not me I was on the job ;) , honky-tonkin, hootenannies and shenanigans"

"More fun then you could shake a snake at" 

And yes, I saw a real snake and I am happy to report I did not scream - and it was a big one. :)
...well as big as harmless prairie garter snakes get .....

I'm thinkin' this is one wedding album that needs a brown leather cover.
What d'ya think?

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Friday, 12 October 2012

Cumberland Island Georgia

We travelled down to St Mary's, Georgia near the  Florida border to spend a day on Cumberland Island. Cumberland Island is Georgia's largest barrier island with spectacular views, wild horses, abandoned ruins of grand homes and incredible beaches. It was at one time the winter residence of Thomas and Lucy Carnegie - of the famous Carnegie family.  The island has a long and interesting history.

A Carnegie descendent still owns a huge home and B&B on the island and for a mere $400/night you can stay there. We didn't. :)

We did take the ferry over for the day and dear Sherpa dragged my camera case around for me.
Love him!

 Coleman Road - named after Lucy Carnegie whose maiden name was Coleman - think Coleman stove etc
 The Carnegie's home built mid 1880's  - Their summer home that is. They also built four other mansions on the island - one still standing. 

 Story has it the home was burned down in 1959 by poachers
There are almost 300 wild horses on the island. 

The interior of the island is filled with sprawling live oak branches draped in spanish moss 

 Incredibly beautiful dunes taking you to the ocean. 
 I wish you could feel and smell that sea air - wonderful!
 Ghost Crab - love the eyes. 
 wild horses roaming the beach

 We took the ferry back to the hotel and headed out for supper. 
 Started with a round of oysters!
 Then deep fried yams, deep fries green tomatoes, deep fried okra and deep fried mushrooms, broiled shrimp and scallops, deep fried clam strips..... and in the background there are some hush puppies - deep fried corn dough with cinnamon butter. 

This food can kill ya! 
But dang! It was good!

The southern hospitality was outstanding!