Thursday, 4 October 2012

Plymouth and the Mayflower

Some photos from Wednesday. Today was very foggy - which makes for fantastic lighting for photography so no complaints here. 
A tern over the ocean this morning, 
Cobwebs covered in dew, fog, mist....
Loving the lighting. 
The Jenney Pond in Plymouth. 
The National Monument to the forefathers built in 1889. 
I had David stand there so you could see the size of it. It was very impressive and we plan to watch the movie about this monument with Kirk Cameron called Monumental - it tells the story of men and women who risked all for liberty, including the travails of the pilgrims ~ stories that helped shaped education, government and life. 
I have more photos taken with the tripod on different exposures which one day I will do in an HDR shot. This was one photo where the fog was not helping with even exposure. :)

We took a tour with Leo our tour guide and learned some history of Plymouth and the pilgrims. 
And below - the 1955 replica of the Mayflower.

Toured a replica of the Ship Mayflower. This replica was built in 1955 but was very impressive as were the actors on board who were in period (1620) costume and character and did a fabulous job of making me feel like I was actually on a ship in 1620. I plan to print the photo above a little larger and scout some garage sales for an old frame for it.

Above is the small boats that would bring the pilgrims into shore at Plymouth Rock. It is in the Plymouth harbour.
Below - the captains and crew quarters which were 5 star compared to what the pilgrims endured below deck for over 3 months.

Where 104 Pilgrims lived (without the lightbulbs to illuminate it) for 3 months while crossing the Atlantic. I felt sea sick just imagining it. :(

And that was Wednesday.... leave me a comment if you were here.... and (if at least 2 of my quiet viewers leave a comment) I will post more photos tomorrow. :)
We are headed to the Plymouth Plantation this morning.... in the fog.


Original Inspirations said...

I want to visit there now. Loving the spider webs and fog. Can't wait to see more.

Cheryl said...

love your photos of the spider webs Julie and that foggy one of plymouth pond, what a framed photo that would be! Absolutely gorgeous!

Julie Cortens said...

Awe thanks Tina and Cheryl. It is really worth the visit - both Plymouth, Cape Cod and Boston - and all very different. And we are experiencing a whole lot of history.