Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Gratitude 121-130

Making my way to 1000 reasons I am thankful.

121. Thankful for soft sheets, cosy blankets, a cool breeze through the window and a cushion top mattress. Thankful for rain and a few claps of thunder. Reminds me of His power. Thankful for good sleep after a busy day. Sleep, what a wonderful part of Creation.

122. Fog last week - a rare occurrence on the prairies but a reminder of the coast. For a brief moment on the drive to work I was transformed to another time, another place, by the ocean.
A very brief moment, but a nice one nonetheless. And we are headed off to the ocean tomorrow to see our new grand baby who is not yet born!!!

123. Supportive and kind co-workers who say such nice things about my photos and digital scrapbook pages and ask to see more; it blesses and encourages me.

124. A parking spot 10 sec from the door at Costco last week. That rarely happens!

125. Father and number one son getting to go to a movie together (twice). Lord give them a special time together.

126. Prayer. Someone very powerful and in complete cotrol of this world who I can turn to, anytime, anywhere.

127. Hardwood floors that haven't been cleaned in 5 weeks and still look great - especially at night when it is dark. :)

128. Our first Bible study for the fall - a great time. Ken brought cheese cake. Sammy led us to some amazing discoveries in His Word. Celebrated Brian's birthday. May He bless our time and study together.

129. Time for father and numero two son to spend the day together with friends driving to the Rider game. Blessed and thankful for these opportunities to be a blessing to others and thankful for safe highway travels.

130. Thankful to have Mark home for a few days. I so miss him when he is up north being a fire fighter and paramedic. Praying for a job closer to home. Will you join me? Thankful for opportunity to take all the kids out for Fish and Chips when Mark got home Friday night. God is good.

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jenni said...

Shewt girl, your 121 is at least six things all by itself! LOL...

Going to my first Fall Bible Study this morning, and very grateful for it, too. He is Good.