Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Wedding

Another wedding this past weekend and this union took place on the South Saskatchewan River. Yes, on the river. In a boat of course! My first ever wedding shoot on a boat. Yeah!  It was fun!
Mara and Phil were engaged last March, with plans for a destination wedding next February 2012 but in early August they decided, why wait? So they pulled everyone together for an "engagement" party and surprise!!!
Mara arrived in a wedding gown.
How spontaneous and fun!
And I was privileged to capture it! I love my job! :)
My favorite photo is of Mara and Phil heading off into the sunset with all their friends and family to celebrate this very special day.
That, and the look on Mara's eldest son's face when his Mom arrived in a wedding gown - proud and excited. Love it! Warms my heart.

The gallery is up on the web site for all the family and friends.
Password protected. Sorry!

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Wedding

Jason and Amanda's Photos are done and on the web site! 
Hurrah - just in time because in an hour I am out the door to shoot another wedding.
I need a vacation... and sleep!
Here are some of my favorites in a slideshow.

The gallery on Julie Cortens Photography web site is HERE

Grab a coffee because there are over 600 photos to capture their special wedding day and their wedding rehearsal. 
Do feel free to leave a comment - I am sure Jason and Amanda would love to know you visited.

So sorry, the gallery is password protected - thems the rules.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I scrapbooked!

Poor grammar, I know, but "I Made a Scrap-booking Page" was much too long a title. 
I am feeling the itch to scrap book again but I will have to quit the day job in order to actually scratch that itch. Between SHR and Photography I have worked almost 60 hr weeks the past two weeks. The house needs cleaning the ironing awaits me, the yard - hopeless. 
I have all these wonderful photos of Eva and Tanis and, well, I want to scrap them and get them into an album. Somehow, some day, some TIME! 

This happens to be a digital page - because they are much, much faster and my desk is currently covered in lenses and battery chargers so I do not have a place to actually glue. But I like it and I especially love the subject. 

Journalling reads: Eva came for the day today. She brought a bag of toys but her favorite were cans of tuna, oysters, chocolate pudding boxes and Grandpa building towers with them.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Saskatoon Wedding~ First Look

Jason and Amanda chose to have their first look before the ceremony. Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea in every way. The bride is fresh and rested and when her groom sees her for the first time on their wedding day, they have that moment to just soak it all in. No ceremony order to get in the way, they just get to savor the moment in privacy... sort of. Okay there are a few clicking camera's but I am sure they were oblivious to them.
The love and excitement was very palpable.
We made sure the moment was theirs. Jason turned around and there his bride was in all her gorgeous beauty.

We have done this a few times with weddings and I always find the ceremony is so much more relaxed when we have spent a few hours having fun with photos.
I am still working my way through all the photos (in my evenings). Will let you know when they get posted to the web site.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

South Circle Bridge

Do we have an official name for this bridge?

David and I got on the bikes and checked out the new bridge early this am - like 8 am early.  It was a bit of a work out but our legs needed it as did our sagging metabolism.
It is progressing well (the bridge that is) and is always impressive to see.

So here are a few of my photos for you and for my friend Don (and Janey)
I know you wanted to get down there and have a look - hope you can do that soon.

BTW These are pretty big photos, so click on them for a much larger view.

 The north/west side is well under way. They are just preparing the ground on the s/e side.

Here is a closer look...with CN passing by.

BTW - those big metal girders? ( I have no idea what they are called)
But they are huge.
Need some perspective?
See if you can find the two guys working on them in the next photo.

Trucks just filling with rock, driving to the bottom of the hill (see first photo), 
dropping the rock and driving up to the top of the hill. All day long
 And while he waits for the next fill? Read the paper.

If you get a chance - head down there and take a look.

Friday, 19 August 2011

Flower Girls and Ring Bearers

They are so darn cute and everybody loves them!
But how can someone so small and seemingly powerless cause such a kerfuffle by simply declining to smile. All day!

Bribery with chocolate had the flower-girl crack a little smirk but the ring bearer held fast!

And get them to walk down the aisle?
Holding hands?
The raisins worked like a charm

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Los Cabos

Finally uploaded some photos to the travel section of the web site. So if you are interested in seeing Los Cabos, then take a look here.
Otherwise scroll down and check out the wedding photos from this past weekend.

And really it is perfectly okay to leave a comment.
Any time.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Wedding

Spent the good part of yesterday evening and into the wee hours working with Marks photos.
Man was I yawning at work today! :)
These are Mark's photos with my post camera edits.
This is the first time he has shot with me with his new camera.
Going from the Canon Rebel to the full frame 5D Mark II has made a world of difference!

The Ring-bearer was as cute as ever. :)

I love this - what a beautiful way to symbolize how the two shall become one. 
Some serious air from these guys!
The end of an absolutely beautiful day. 
We loved working with Jason and Amanda. They were so willing to try all our ideas..... 
even if we were all getting eaten alive by mosquitoes.
And we didn't see one snake in that field.
This is so Jason and Amanda!
 My favorite photo of the day..... a perfect moment in every way.

I am thrilled that Mark is (almost :) ) as passionate about photography as I am. He is willing to change his shifts to make the 9 hr drive home to help me out. We have such a blast working together. The ideas flow, we know who is going for what shot and it always works out perfectly. And of course we could never get through the day without Sherpa taking care of the equipment and organizing all the family photos.

I am thinking it is time for Mark to start a blog or a web site and show you some of his incredible photos of the Northern Lights he took while living up in Thompson Manitoba. Leave a comment if you agree. Maybe we can talk him into it.

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Wedding

Jason & Amanda
August 13th, 2011 was an absolutely beautiful day in every way. Including a full moon!
Here are a few photos from Jason and Amanda's very special day.
I have so many more to go through and I haven't even seen Mark's (my second shooter) photos yet. I know there is a very cool shot of the ring bearer and groomsmen so do stay tuned.
For now, a few off my camera.

Jason was very attached to his sunglasses. Hmm how many times did we say "Jason, lose the glasses"? But I love this one and his beautiful bride's reflection in them. :)

More coming.....
Jason & Amanda fans, I will let you know when the gallery is up.

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Heart-knowledge, we must always remember, is the one thing needful. It is something which schools and universities cannot confer. It is the gift of God. To find out the plague of our own hearts and hate sin–to become familiar with the throne of grace and the fountain of Christ’s blood–to sit daily at the feet of Jesus, and humbly learn of Him–this is the highest degree of knowledge to which mortal man can attain ~ J.C. Ryle

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Bike Ride

Finally - a weekend at home with no photo shoots and nice weather.
We went for a bike ride.
Thankful for that warm sun.
...and the cold bottle of water.

Monday, 1 August 2011

Summer Days

This summer is shaping up to be a nice one. 
Up at the lake with friends.....

 Oh yes - enjoying the lake and the sunshine... and my sweetheart. 

 Spoiled by our hosts Linda and Gerry

 Catching shots of their nephew sea-dooing. 
Really, there is a sea-doo under that water. Somewhere. 

oh! There it is. 
And Gerry Sea-dooing 

And their nephew discussing life with some....friends. 

Night shot. 

Had a wonderful, restful time and ate way too much.