Monday, 30 July 2007

Family Reunion Pictures

This is the gang - lost count - 41 I think.

Beans and Fish and Salads! mmmmmm

Deep fried fresh caught pickerel - it doesn't get any better. One day Uncle Mike will give me his batter recipe. Quite a crowd to feed but Uncle Mike and Aunt Wendy put on a delicious spread.

Saturday, 28 July 2007

Family Reunion

Checking in from Coney Island, Kenora Ontario. We have made the 12 hr drive, the 20 min boat ride, unloaded everything but the kitchen sink, figured out who is sleeping where and have reconnected with 40 in-laws, and figured out which of all these kids belongs to which of David's brothers. It is hot - haven't been down to the beach yet. The music is playing, the bar is open and meal planning has begun. The kids are veging in front of the TV - Grandma has more Videos than our local Video store. We have seven in our cottage and Mark will join us from Shilo MB tomorrow night. Fun - and a little crazy for me. Glad they are all old enough to help themselves to food.

I have taken about 30 pictures so far and I am look forward to some good ones on the beach tomorrow...or perhaps this evening. If I can figure out if this laptop can take a card rerader I will upload a few tomorrow.

Weather is perfect!


Thursday, 26 July 2007

Family reunion album...part two

And the last of the family reunion album...

Please don't forget to scroll down and answer my question on expensive scrapbooking. I need your input! :)

Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Family reunion album

The 50 hr marathon is over. I have scanned, edited, printed and scrapped photos from 1983 to 2005 of summer trips to Kenora Ontario for family reunions. Hope the in-laws like it!

That is all I have time to post right now - flying out the door....

Expensive hobby!! really?

I have a question for you - I need your help. Every time I talk to a non scrapbooker about scrapbooking, somewhere in the conversation they say "Yah, but it is such an expensive hobby".
How do you respond to this comment???

I have trouble articulating my response, but in my head I am thinking...this is a hobby that has lasting value - I am creating something for my children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. It's not a golf game that ends at hole 18, gone forever (and is cheaper too). What I love about scrapbooking is that I can enjoy(big understatement) the whole creative process - the craft part - but when I have finished I have preserved a memory - wow that is priceless!! I just see it as a win/win adventure! Am I deceived?

So what do you say to people who know nothing about scrapbooking except that "that is such an expensive hobby" ...and really in the scheme of it that expensive? Really?

Help me out gals - I need to defend this wonderful craft! I am heading to a family reunion with a 40 page 8X8 family history as a gift for the grandparents...and someone is going to say it!

BTW...speaking of that 8X8 - the idea came to me Sat am at ....yah you know me...6am. I have been at it 12 hrs a day ever since - 12 hrs scanning and editing old, old photos and printing and scrapping - 9 pages to go - what a fabulous marathon! :) :) :) I will try to get them on the blog before I leave.

Love my scrapbooking buddies! That's YOU!

Friday, 20 July 2007

My three son's

Here are some pages I did from some photos of the summer of 2000...only three hundred photos more to go to finish the year 2000 - just kidding but it sure feels like it!




Journalling for Paul's page reads..."Mr I.Q. I will resist bragging about you on this page…you know all your wonderful achievements! At 14 years old my son you were way too wise for your mother. What had you not read, retained and articulated on? Mix that with a sharp Cortens mind for deep discourse aka as an argument, and there were some long protracted discussions. Now your mother (who is a McNairnay by birth…mild mannered and agreeable) would try hopelessly to convince you gently, without rational reason, that she was right, just because! In some ways I guess, we are stubbornly alike….except that arguing with a teenager is like wrestling in the mud with a pig. Sooner or later you figure out that they are actually enjoying it!"


Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Family Life!

Another fun layout using the overlays ...Just Scrap It is sold out of all but the "GO magazine for active men" .. but more have been ordered and are on their way! Or make an 8X10 of your favorite guy.

Journalling reads..." The family that PLAYS together, STAYS together. That’s for sure – and we are a family that loves to play…whether it is just horsing around, card games or board games we do like to spend time together. Everyone knows how to play bridge – not hard to get a foursome going in our house!

This photo was take in July 2005. I am scrapbooking it July 2007. I love how the boys are having fun, Allison is laughing at them and Harold is amused but doesn’t want to be part of anything physical today. Melina can always capture the emotion, the joy, the happiness in our family pictures.

I love my kids! They are terrific – every one of them! Each so special in there own unique way! Our FAMILY LIFE is really wonderful!"

Thanks for looking,

Sunday, 15 July 2007

Three posts!

What a great weekend - so productive...okay the laundry didn't get done (working on that right now) and well the weeds are taking over in the garden ( I WILL get to it), bills need to be paid...tomorrow and the guest room cleared out of all the collections of stuff...but I did get four pages done this weekend, Allison's grad pictures ordered and a long bike ride in Sat am. I also had several people over for meals this weekend ...busy, busy but lots of fun, so be sure to scroll down - I have had three posts this weekend.

Just felt the need to scrapbook Sam. I have been searching my archives for good pictures of him and there aren't very many in my digital. So I will have to go through all my other photographs.

I was also browsing through my fall to Christmas 2000 pics...since that is where I am when not distracted by the new overlays at Just Scrap It!!!! and I came across this photo of the kids. I forgot how much fun we all have together. Paul and Allie arrive next Monday and Mark will join us July 30th - his birthday! Melina is lined up for family photos! I am excited! I want hundreds of them Melina! I am taking two weeks off! YES!! I am thinking maybe tickets to Sheakspeare on the Saskatchewan!

So this is my gang! Photo taken Christmas 2000

Okay can't resist - here are my precious gifts from above in September 1992...oh my how old were you in 1992? Your youngest will be graduating from high school before you know it. Take every moment to hug them, kiss them and tell them they are the best in the whole world!


Saturday, 14 July 2007

Bike Ride

I was up at 6:30 am this morning. It was so beautiful out. You would think I would sleep in after the two very long weeks I have had at work, but I was in bed really early last night. I wanted to get in my first bike ride of the season. I wanted to see the new walkway that just opened under the Circle Dr bridge. It took a while to convince David...
It will be a short ride I promise...didn't work(he knows me too well)...
We'll stop for breakfast and coffee downtown....getting close...
Really, most of the time you are gliding! ....Okay he would come.

Well it is mostly gliding (to downtown) because it is mostly down hill. :) But coming back up hill after poached eggs, fruit and coffee was a little bit of a challenge for both of us. He just kept telling me to pick the most direct route. :) We travelled almost 12 miles and we were biking well over an hour averaging 8.1 mile/hr. I love this little techno thing on my bike that tells me everything. And it is so accurate. BTW I have a bum that is a tad sore and I am not sure David will be game for another long ride for a while. Next time I will have to go solo. Who else gets up as early as me?

It was pretty quiet at 7:15 in the morning (I wonder why). We were standing looking out over the new walkway and I was getting ready for a shot when out of nowhere without any warning came a swarm of bikers - over 50 of them. Photo op!!

The mighty Saskatchewan River and our resident Pelican. I wander where her buddy was today? That is Royal University Hospital in the background.

It has been a very fun and relaxing day. A loooong bike ride, some photos, two layouts and a third on the way. I love it! The kitchen is a mess, my bed isn't made and the closet is full of dirty laundry!

Thought for today... Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands! Psa 90:17