Sunday, 23 September 2007

Christmas layout and other stuff

Got another Christmas page finished last week but only uploading now.

I am sooo busy that I don't have time or am not organized enough to make any lists so all the stuff I need to do just bounces around in my head confusing and frustrating me. Does this happen to you? And sometimes make you feel overwhelmed? My window of opportunity to get them done is wasted on frivolous stuff (like sleep LOL) and then I get all frustrated when I remember I have to get something done and soon!!! I do know tomorrow morning (which I have off work yeah!) will be spent at home as we get a new water heater installed - ouch! but yes we knew it was coming and we are looking forward to hot showers again! :) I hope to catch up on reading all your Blogs while the tank is installed...okay and some laundry too.

You just have to stop in at Just Scrap It! Sharon and I went crazy on Saturday finding places for all the thousands (it felt like that many...maybe it was!) of new Jolees that have come in - and tons of other stuff - like Basic Grey chip board and rub ons - way too cool! and their buttons and ribbon which I really have to use soon. So the store got a little but of a makeover and Sharon and I had a blast. We were literally running all day until we ran out of hooks to put them on - then it was clean up mode. It was oh so busy in there on Saturday and Sharon still had a basket full of Jolees to find a home for on Sunday...and find hooks for. Can't wait to see where they all ended up Sharon. LOL

Fun new album idea! ~ I made this little clear plastic album. It started out as a bit of a chore until I got the hang of it (thanks for the challenge Ralna :) ) It was actually fun. You have to think thru each page and the pages surrounding it because they all add to the overall view, but makes for an interesting and fun look. Double sided embellishments and die cuts as well as MM paint works very well.So here are a few pics. We have these books all ready to assemble in Just Scrap It! This book is there too so come on in for ideas.

Try clicking on the photos to get a better picture.



Monday, 17 September 2007

Victoria Pictures

Just got home from 5 days in Victoria for my Mom and Dad's 60th wedding anniversary. It was wonderful and a great time of being together with family. Way too much food! I am so glad we were all able to be there (there are 6 children) and most of the spouses were able to be there as well. We had fun!

David and I stayed at a wonderful B&B (Dee's B&B)- the only way to go...unless you are in Mexico then is is all inclusives! This B&B is right on a golf course that has a wide bark mulch path that goes all around the course - a good 1 hour walk. David and I walked every morning after a very filling and delicious breakfast.

7 am sunrise on a foggy golf course.
This photo I took early one morning - up for the sun rise. It was very foggy and the golfers were out there even in the fog - kind of funny. The golfers below have their pant legs tucked into their socks.

David and I love Sushi - really good authentic Sushi. We found THE place in Victoria on word from a Japanese fellow my son works with. What fun! I was so busy eating I forgot to take pictures of all the pretty pieces. Ebizo Sushi was the perfect place to spend David's birthday - he loved it. We went with our son Paul and my brother and his wife.

And of course there were two trips to the Gelato bar downtown- oh, oh my how to choose from the 40 different flavours!! I had Grand Marnier and Sklok (tastes like a Ferera Roche chocolate) and I had coconut and tirimisu the second time. mmmmmm

More Sushi on the wharf up at Sidney. Something quite wonderful about sitting outdoors looking at the ocean eating Sushi, deep fried halibut and a cold Corona.

So yes we ate a lot - got in the walking but ate a lot and so today I joined a fitness club - yup forked out the money and am committed to getting these eight pounds off and getting some abs back!! I am terribly out of shape and enough is enough!

I came home with 276 photos - and about 200 of them are really printable.....they will have to get in line with all the other photos for scrapbooking! Still working on Christmas 2000 - been oh so busy for the past month!

Thanks for letting me share. I will try to get a page up soon but I got to work to pay for all this Sushi!! :)



Monday, 10 September 2007

Saturday, 8 September 2007

Life at our house

It has been busy but actually wonderful around our house. I always feel good after I have accomplished great things even if they involve washing carpets and spring cleaning in September - the results of two kids moving away to University.
Allison left for Briercrest on Sunday. We drove her up with all her belongings and I was sure we would be bringing a good bit of it back, but her dorm room is quite large, with great drawers, closets and shelves and so it all fit in quite nicely.

David and I managed to spend the afternoon in numerous line ups with Allison (met the president of the collage), write a cheque and get her moved into her into her dorm just in time to get back on the highway and hear the last 30 sec of the Riders/Bombers game - how exciting and especially great for us to be 30 min ahead of all that Riders traffic back to Saskatoon.
Passing the time with my camera on the trip home !

We spoke with Allison on the phone today as we drove through Regina (coming home from Brandon where Mark was dropped off) and she is quite excited about her new room mate and friend, April - another 17 yr old from Maple Ridge B.C. Allison sounds like she was really having a great time meeting all the girls on her floor - all basketball players! She will have her internet up and running by tonight, she has bought all her text books and started some reading and she is having lots of fun. Not a hint of home sickness after 6 days. :)

We arrived home to the weeks work and to help Mark arrange a U-haul, get a hitch for my SUV and get him packed up on Friday. We managed to make it all fit and balanced as per instructions- what a science!!

Here is the caravan ready to head out Friday.

And set up on arrival!

David, Mark and I arrived in Brandon at 9:30 pm. We were unpacked and off to Montana's for a very late supper(it was nice and quiet there) - we all slept well. His new duplex is beautiful and is a perfect set up for two young men ready to study hard for the next 10 months.

An 8am breakfast at Smitty's, lots of hugs and we were on the highway AGAIN!!

Not bad for cruising at 110km/hr with a trailer bumping around on the back!

My favorite picture of the trip back - we passed a semi and I took a picture of the wheels. Look closely - can you see my Mazda? Cool eh? ...going 110 here! ...oh I wasn't driving though! Try double clicking on this picture.

Since getting home late this afternoon we have moved one bedroom's worth of furniture into Mark's empty room and I have washed the carpets in Paul's old room in preparation for Harold to move into that room - oh to finally have these rooms CLEAN!! I am waiting on another load of sheets and heading to bed!

David flys off to Chicago early tomorrow afternoon - what a crazy week!!

Thanks for letting me share my week with you! It has been fun! But I am getting too old for all this! :)



PS - did I mention what a fantastic husband I have? Willing to drive the 6+ hrs both ways, (I wanted to snooze and take pictures)help me with all this furniture moving and cleaning knowing he is flying off to meetings in Chicago in 16 hrs. I love him!

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Daddy's Girl

Finished this page last early Monday morning. Just finding time to post it now. Life is busy and will be so for some time now. I will try to post often but getting two kids off to University in different towns is keeping us quite occupied. The swirls on the page are from a template and the new Gel pens at Just Scrap It! They are wonderful!I used the new Basic Grey line Mellow and the letters are plastic coloured with a mixture of Cat Eye ink and alcohol inks - yes I discovered that you can mix them with success!