Sunday, 18 September 2011

Pausing to Give Thanks

161. The glorious colours of fall. Leaves wither and there is a symphony of hues that bless my heart and cause me to be in awe of His Creation all over again.

162. Cool mornings. Digging out long forgotten sweaters and loving them all over again.

163. The Holy Spirit. Reminding me of who I serve. Keeping silent when I choose to serve myself.

164. Photography - my way of turning all this energy and mind busyness into something beautiful, peaceful, thoughtful, memorable.

165. Passion - it is such a motivator! Gets me in trouble sometimes. But generally is makes me very productive.

166. His provision. When life looms unstable, uncertain, He is stable and certain. I can count on that.

167. Health - I am reminded of late to never take my health for granted. Carpe Diem!

168. Time Machine (a Mac product). It found all my original South Carolina photos from 2010 that I recently discovered I had accidentally deleted a year ago. And it found them in 30 seconds and replaced them in 2 minutes. Thank you, whoever invented time machine.

169. Lightroom 3- it applied all those time consuming edits I made over a year ago to those lost and found photos as fast as the photos were reloaded. Wowsers!

170. Some of the simplest things in life bring such pleasures ~ like open faced egg salad sandwiches on multigrain buns. We made them today for a church picnic...and they are delicious.

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