Saturday, 26 October 2013

Autumn with the girls

An afternoon with my girls a couple of weeks ago.
Sorry for not posting of late. I have been working full time with the SHR and all weekend with the photography business. And renovating a bathroom......

Our afternoon started with lunch at East Side Mario.
 Then we raked some leaves n the front yard.

 This is Ea's new pose for me.

 Then we moved into the garage and found the sidewalk chalk.
 Then we came in for a snack.....

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Work, sleep, take photos, edit photos, repeat.....

Life is a little crazy.

So I am going to share a random sampling of what I have been up with minimum text because then I have to think. :)

Lots of joy!!

Handsome graduate!

Happy Graduate! :) (and handsome too)

Cool Dude - testing my liability insurance!

Awe - this was the sweetest little guy - love him. I get to see him once a year. :)

And one of my favs - This is Sam - I get to see him twice a year - at least!! 
Kim should put me on retainer. :) 
Loving my studio set up!

Three more photo gigs this weekend and then I am taking a couple of weeks off!!

 I had great plans to do a Halloween special for the kids - you know capture them in all their cuteness in those costumes you parents have gone to great lengths to get.

Okay, if you really want - if there is enough interest - contact me and let's see what we can fit in. :0)

I will focus on a Christmas special mid November in studio with all those pretty Christmas lights. I am looking for a little felt top hat for a frosty the snowman look!  :)

And now I need sleep!!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Out Takes

The side of family photography you don't see.

Almost there......
Notice how Dad has them firmly embraced.

Relax the grip and......

This is where I pull out all the stoppers and make a fool of myself!

And this is where little sister accidentally whacks big sister in the face and.....

We are done!!!

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Have a blessed day!

Ours is off to a great start! A tad early, but a great start.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Saskatoon Fall Colours

It is beautiful out there. I decided to capture some of it before the wind blows it all away to make room for winter snow.....

I will be photographing three families this weekend - let's hope the leaves hang on a few more days.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I do hope you have a blessed weekend with all the people you love!

Friday, 11 October 2013

Body Building Saskatoon

My photography seems to be attracting Saskatoon body builders.
This is a whole new area of portraiture for me and I am quite enjoying being able to use stronger studio lighting effects and working on really perfecting skin and body sculpting in post work.

This shoot used two studio strobes, a flash and a smaller strobe as well as at times we used the ice light to excentuate some muscle groups.

I have three more body builder shoots coming up in the next few weeks.

Here are Carly and Reg who own Wrench Fitness in Martinsville. A lovely and beautiful couple and what a pleasure to work with.

And one of my favs! This was Mark's idea. Love it. And I was thankful to have Mark there holding lights and setting up and lending me his pocket wizards..... I just bought 4 of my own. :)