Thursday, 24 October 2013


Work, sleep, take photos, edit photos, repeat.....

Life is a little crazy.

So I am going to share a random sampling of what I have been up with minimum text because then I have to think. :)

Lots of joy!!

Handsome graduate!

Happy Graduate! :) (and handsome too)

Cool Dude - testing my liability insurance!

Awe - this was the sweetest little guy - love him. I get to see him once a year. :)

And one of my favs - This is Sam - I get to see him twice a year - at least!! 
Kim should put me on retainer. :) 
Loving my studio set up!

Three more photo gigs this weekend and then I am taking a couple of weeks off!!

 I had great plans to do a Halloween special for the kids - you know capture them in all their cuteness in those costumes you parents have gone to great lengths to get.

Okay, if you really want - if there is enough interest - contact me and let's see what we can fit in. :0)

I will focus on a Christmas special mid November in studio with all those pretty Christmas lights. I am looking for a little felt top hat for a frosty the snowman look!  :)

And now I need sleep!!


Michelle said...

Thank you very much for the amazing photos of Zach! We are beyond happy with your work once again Julie!

Julie Cortens said...

Awe always a pleasure to spend time with your lovely family Michelle!