Saturday, 8 August 2009

Gratitude List

I haven't added to my gratitude list last November. Is time flying? or have I just not been grateful for all He provides. I am grateful, I think time is flying. I know time is flying because it is going to be summer around here one day. No wait, fall!

111. Grateful for our new King bed. We both agree we are sleeping better. And as I get older, sleep becomes much more important to getting through my busy days. Climbing into this cushy bed with my Bible is what I look forward to every day. Peace, rest, sleep - it is wonderful and I am so thankful He provides.

112. Opportunity to bike to work last week. As much of an ordeal as it was to take all my stuff in the saddle bags and my camera knapsack on my back just in case there was a photo op, change at work and then change again for the ride home, it was a great work out both ways and it truly invigorated me.

113. Fun co-workers. Amidst the work and stress and frustrations of our job in health care, we do manage to do a lot of laughing and this makes work so much more peasant. Thankful for fun people to work with who have a great sense of humor and keep me laughing.

114. Thankful for a co-worker I can talk to about my love of Jesus Christ - she loves Him as much as I do and one day we stayed 20 min past the end of the day just to marvel in Him. That was refreshing. God is good!

115. Thankful for a friend from work emailing me and asking for prayer when she had a family tragedy over the long weekend. Thankful for opportunity just to minister to her and pray for her family. Thankful the Lord is providing for this family and praying He will provide even more, revealing Himself in amazing ways.

116. Thankful for prayer - that I have a God that is all powerful and all perfect and all righteous. I have a God who is a solid rock foundation. I have HOPE and that makes me eternally thankful.

117. Thankful for a huge belly on my daughter-in-law, a good weight gain on this tiny gal and thankful for the anticipation of our grand baby in a few weeks. God is good! Thankful for the miracle of life!

118. Thankful for a smart husband who can figure out very confusing excel spreadsheets when payroll messes up my paycheck (again). It was all Greek to me, this spreadsheet to show my hours worked. But to DH it was a wonderfully challenging puzzle to solve. I married the right guy!! I told payroll to call my accountant! LOL Waiting to hear the results and the explanation and hoping this means I get to move up a step - but thankful for what the Lord does provide for us through this job. Very thankful for all the experiences and knowledge I have gained in this work.
Five years ago I asked the Lord to provide me with work (outside the home) as I finished homeschooling our fourth. He knew I needed to keep my hands and mind busy and He provided - VERY challenging work with a HUGE learning curve. As I look back I really don't know how I survived all that was asked of me and two jobs. I wanted to quit it all many times. But I knew He was answering my request and I persevered trying to keep my attitude positive despite my wearyness. I grew, I learned and despite several 50 hr weeks and a family to take care of, I did it. I am thankful! The job continues to challange me and new opportunities keep coming my way, but he shows me I can do it and do it to His glory. I am thankful! And hopeful payroll discovers 'my accountant' is right and they are wrong! LOL

119. Thankful for opportunity to experience a little of the Fringe Festival last weekend. Opportunity to realize that our world is full of diverse people and God can use every one of them for His glory!

120. Thankful that tomorrow is Saturday and my husband is excited about taking me to a new movie that is out whose title he had difficulty remembering....... oh yeah - "Julia, Julie" LOL - I love this guy!!


Allie said...

I also am thankful for my huge belly. I wonder how much baby weighs now?? I am going to miss feeling his every move - but I'm so excited to meet him "on the outside" and finally see him!

Almost 37 weeks ... eek!

Julie Cortens said...

will your dear husband allow me to post a picture of that beautiful belly?

Allie said...

I will ask him! I have been meaning to get a decent picture of us together while I'm still pregnant, and haven't yet - perhaps tomorrow we can dress up for church and get someone to take one!