Saturday, 8 August 2009

Good Morning Saskatoon

What a beautiful day in a beautiful city. Headed out at 8am.
Good morning Saskatoon!

Riding our bikes, enjoying the warm sun and each others company....

... meeting new people. This is Caroline just coming over the rise on the pedestrian walkway under the Circle Dr bridge. I love the lines on this bridge. Caroline is on her way to running 1000 miles in one year.
Check out her blog!

After our bike ride along the river this am we went for coffee (and muffins) and then met our friend Ken at work for a wee bit of a tour. I do like photographing this 100 yr old building.

And unrelated to our Saturday morning of riding but still related to bike riding, I took my bike to work last week and avoided this on the way home.

Went to see Julia, Julie this evening and it is a fabulous, fun, clean movie that portrays two very happy couples who actually love each other enough to sustain wonderful marriages.
Funny, entertaining and leaves you with a good feeling. My kind of movie.

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