Sunday, 2 August 2009

Decompression and the Fringe Festival in Saskatoon

Just me going crazy at work this week......

I was reduced to asking Rob to "just give me a shot of anything" in my morning stop at Intermission House.

A crazy week at work. Feeling rather burnt out.... I have been going to bed at 8pm every night.....So Saturday was a day of rejuvenation - not nearly enough!! ( I could use a week away somewhere, anywhere peacful right now but it is not meant to be). Who is going to do all this laundry?????

A bike ride to the coffee shop - stopped to pick up some saddle bags at the bike shop on the way. I think this is a good thing but it means no more excuses why I can't take my bike to work...except maybe the hair thing - the helmet messes with the hair and it is really hard to look professional and authoritative and all together when your hair is doing funny things.
Then there is the coffee thing.... I kind of like sipping on my falvoured coffee as I make my way down Collage Dr...hmmmm

Back to the Saturday morning coffee at Intermission House - I want a mocha - I don't care that I didn't get to a spin class this morning or physique class - I had a stressful week and I would like a mocha with whipping cream..... and throw on that chocolate sauce too Rob!


Great way to start the day. A little more biking, home, clean up the scrapbook room - yup I got it done and another page soon to be posted. Then we were off to the Fringe (via the non existent ultimate Frisbee challenge event) - because at the fringe there are LOTS of things to photograph. Dear husband complaining all the way because he detest crowds and so do I but my passion for photography wins out.

Our plan actually was to check out the Ultimate Frisbee competitions that we were told would be at the U of S stadium - but they weren't there - so off to the fringe. I wasn't disappointed.

do not stand down wind of this guy with an expensive camera.This cool dude was hilarious - we are going to attend the two man comedic act at the Broadway theater tonight 7:20 pm - don't miss it! G-Men Defectives - see you there!

This guy was the best - hilarious and talented and a good watch for 30 minutes - his case got lots of bucks thrown in it after he finished. Man what a hard way to make a living!!
This guy was on fire!!!

Anyone from JSI recognize the guy in green?

I had a new appreciation for my less hazardous work!

Off to Sobeys for groceries because Ken was coming for supper.... not that Ken wouldn't be happy with KD but I wanted some of the fabulous Sea Bass with pesto sauce done on the BBQ

...and then 9pm - yeah I stayed awake another hour!

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Kate said...

Best photos ever Lady. YOU inspire me!