Thursday, 27 August 2009

Remember Photoshop Spheres?

About 8 months ago I showed y'all some of the spheres I had made with Photoshop using my photos.

Well tonight I took a collage of some of my scrapbook layouts and made a sphere - with a bit of a reflection too. I love it. So much fun. Got the idea off of Digital Designer

Also made a quick digital page using some photos from our trip to S Carolina last fall.

I needed a break from wedding layouts!
It was wonderful!

In other news I have been asked to take a new position with SHR - A two year full time position in a new SHR project with Long Term Care clients in acute care beds. I am very excited with this new challenge...but it does mean I will be very busy. I am looking forward to more work with families and less list management stuff. Starts Sept.

And another family has booked me for a photo shoot in September. YIKES - that's four shoots in September. PRESSURE!!
Umm... expect less blogging. Srapbooking will likely slow down but with the new grand baby due any day that could be to hard to resist. :) Waiting for the phone call. Camera is ready!

Now I need to go to bed... feeling a bit of flu coming on which I cannot afford to have right now. I need to work tomorrow and get some shopping done after work for a guest this weekend. David has been out at dinner meetings all week and I have been content to have a bowl of cereal for supper. The cupboards are bare. LOL

Blessings to you all!


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