Thursday, 26 June 2008

Gratitude List (continued)

41. Thankful for Godly women in my life to remind me about what is and is not important. Thank you to Mary for reminding me that being a homemaker is the greatest calling there is.

42. Thankful to have Mark home. That means he can help his Dad fix a few things around here. They are off to Home Depot together as I type here tonight. I told Mark to keep an eye on Dad - he is starting to like Home Depot...especially the tool department!

43. Thankful to have the back gate fixed - it opens without dragging on the ground. YEAH!

44. Thankful for a parking spot right in front of the hosp today. Right in front!! I was running off from work to get a mammogram done.....finally....(yup - if you are over 50 you need one too) Deb was covering me at work - took me 44 minutes from the time I left the store until I got back. They were very efficient and fast. I don't think Deb even noticed me gone. hehe - thankful for great traffic, a perfect parking spot and very efficient staff.

45. Thankful that I can travel. I caught the travel bug four years ago after NEVER leaving a 40 mile radius of home. Now I am thankful for the health to travel anywhere I want. (just never in a helicopter)

46. Thankful for my Dad - such a hard worker and very principled. I used to call him extremely strict when I was a teenager. Now I am thankful for his strictness and realize he was setting a standard for me - the same one I set for my daughter (who BTW calls me way too strict!). But his unwavering example of good morals, community spirit, hospitality and kindness have, I hope, rubbed off on me.

47. Thankful for a home to come home to. I know this sounds odd - but really, what a blessing to have a place to rest my weary head, to refresh myself, to get clean, to be loved and to love, to share a meal with loved ones, to be warm, to crawl into a cozy safe bed. A place where I can leave the world and all it's evil and hurts behind and feel safe and secure, rested and rejuvenated. That is something to be thankful for. Are you sitting in your place of rejuvenation right now? Okay maybe it is a small basement apartment or a tiny house in need of great repair - but it is home and home is a wonderful place to have, especially if you have someone to share it with.

48. The Bible. There is no other book I can turn, read and be lifted up by, be given hope beyond all hope, be renewed, be corrected, and be consoled - all perfectly. It feeds me better wisdom than ANY book in this world can. It is full of His richness. It is my daily Bread.

49. Our BBQ in summer. It makes meals so easy. I am getting very good at devising meal plans that requires that all parts of the meal be done on the BBQ. David does the BBQing. Do you see my method here? I set the table and make the salad. He pours the wine. I think this is a good arrangement.

50. Saskatoon. Ten years ago we lived in the lower mainland of Vancouver - that meant freeways everywhere sometimes for over and hour. In Saskatoon you can be anywhere in 20 minutes. Appreciate it folks! Slow down, let people cut in, go the speed limit. Really, this is a nice sized city and it is easy to get around. If you get ornery because traffic is slow, try driving across the Portman Bridge in Surrey B.C. at rush hour especially if one of the other bridges is out of commission - you can sit there for two hours. So I am thankful for Saskatoon - perfect size. (well I think we should have an Olive Garden and maybe IKEA and a few other stores but I am still thankful).

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