Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Inspector Gadget

Oh my I am feeling nostalgic these days.....
Watching this little opening clip brings back such good memories of all my kids in their flannel pj's sitting so close to each other eyes glued to the tv.
Inspector Gadget - yes, THE best opening theme ever...

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Just another Saturday

The day started out with my resolution that since this was the first Saturday in months that we didn't have commitments, we should either go for a long bike ride or head to the gym. 
Both suggestions were vetoed by my sweetheart and we ended up at Poached for a wonderful breakfast....

His ideas are usually better then mine. Although they generally mean more calories in then out. 

Breakfast was followed by a walk down by the river. My calorie out idea.

 Which led to a discussion re how our waterfront was sorely lacking. We probably felt that way because we have been down to the Winnipeg Forks several times in the past year and, well, they have so much more. But then our waterfront is not finished yet so we conceded we needed to give the city one more year before we offered our two cents worth along with all our city planning skills we don't have.

Then on to the Farmers Market where I could spend several hours taking photos.

  But this gets a tad boring for David.

So David reminded me that if we didn't get back to the car pronto we would likely have a ticket. Our next stop was Saskatoon Outdoor Living. The plan was to look at new umbrellas for the deck since we went away for a week and left our umbrella open. Apparently we had some wicked winds last week and our umbrella took flight from the table... and we need a new one. I suggested Canadian Tire but David wanted to check out this place.
I don't have any photos because I was completely taken in by the hot tubs. The salesman almost had me buying one. But the thought of people walking across my maple wood floors with dripping wet feet made me change my mind. Or maybe it was the $13,000.00 price tag.

We decided to head to Canadian Tire....

We passed the new Cabela's and all those half ton trucks in the parking lot and I thought it might be funny to park the beamer there for 20 minutes.... just because.  
David calls it the I N apostrophe store. 
You know, campin', fishin', huntin' ..... After 33 years he still keeps me laughin'

 Wow - that is some grand entrance. Have you been there yet? It felt like we had arrived at a swanky American hotel. Do you have a room with a king and jacuzzi? I would like to book a few hours at the spa... :)
They didn't! But they did have a desk there for checking in your...... gun.

We headed into the forest to experience wild game. Quite magnificent animals!

Who didn't seem to mind all the people walking aimlessly about.

 And disturbing their peace
 They didn't seem to mind my camera either.

 Or that there were probably a thousand guns within 20 feet of them and a lot of guys anxious to use them! I was perplexed. Here I am admiring these beautiful creatures in a store that supplies all the weapons required to kill them.

But then it happened.

I lost David in the camouflage department.
 I knew he shouldn't have worn a moss green shirt today.

Good thing he has grey hair or I would still be there....

We finally made it to Canadian Tire.
No photos because it really never occurred to me to take my camera out at Canadian Tire. I was too busy trying to find someone to sell me an umbrella for $34.95 which is a far cry from a $13,000 hot tub which didn't come with an umbrella - but I bet the sales guy would throw one in as a bonus. :)

Have you been to the new Cabela's?

Sunday, 20 May 2012


I was copying some photos of our family vacation last fall and noticed these Eva shots. 
Thought I would share. I am looking forward to Norah being this age.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Ice Cream!

Mark is home for a visit. First time home since Christmas - he's a busy guy!
he caught some photos of Eva with her ice cream...

 All cleaned up!
After supper Aria
Thanks Uncle Mark!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Girls!

Yes, my girls are staying with us this week as Daddy is out of town. So the camera lives on the kitchen counter waiting for those precious moments.
love the little fists :)

 Eva does not sit for photos for more then 1 second these days - except when eating. 

Tuesday, 8 May 2012


Arrived home from work to a fully involved house fire up the street. No one was hurt thankfully, the dog made it out but the home is destroyed. Very sad. Such a tremendous loss. Here are some photos of Saskatoon's finest and bravest at work. Sure glad that wasn't my son on that iffy roof fighting that fire.
That is exactly what my son does!
I tried to convince him to be an engineer but it didn't work.
While they were not able to save the home, they did privent it from spreading.

 shift change

 They seemed to put out one hot spot and another erupted. Take a look at the chimney. See that little flame? It got big really fast!

They had the fire under control and out in less then 2 hours. I am very proud of these young men.
Did you know that the starting wage for these brave firefighters is $21/hour? It takes a lot of years before they make a decent wage.
My son loves what he does. I think you have to.
Very sad day for this family.