Saturday, 5 July 2008

Gratitude List

51. Hot water . On a cold winter night a tub to soak in warms me before I get into bed. On a hot summer night a shower cools me before I get into bed. Hot water - just to splash it on my face, brings refreshment; to wash the dishes with and wipe the counters - hot soapy water. I am thankful.

52. My geraniums - love the red/orange colour - they are so pretty and so resilient when I forget to water them. I have three pots of them and a bunch in the garden - they bring a splash of colour to my front and back yard garden. Another part of His incredible creation.

53. My blender - just a basic Kitchen Aid - but it makes wonderful milkshakes which brings me to the next item on my gratitude list.

54. Chocolate (or raspberry) milkshakes to share with my sweetheart on the couch late at night - well late being about 10 pm. :) We must curtail this indulgence though - our waitlines are beginning to tell on us.

55. A considerate husband who calls if he is going to be home later than expected. I just love how he thinks of me and knows I am anxious to have him home - so he calls if he has to be later than expected - I am thankful.

56. I great new boss with the Health Region, who is a real listener and so open minded and so full of energy and life and a real joy to work with. I love her! She makes work in an often stressful environment rather fun. Thank you Lord. May I bless her too!

57. My wide angle lens - it takes great pictures!

58. Opportunity to meet four of Marks firefighting friends and two of my daughters friends last Saturday. What a blessing to have a gang of young people hanging out in the back yard eating hamburgers - just the nicest kids you would ever want to get to know. They really blessed me and I look forward to getting to know them better. Thankful for good friends for my kids.

59. Busyness - as much as I might complain about it, it is good to be productive. Each moment of the day is a gift from Him...I am thankful to be able to do the work He has given me. Psa 90:17 Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands! I am thankful that I know that this busyness is but by His grace. May I never waste a moment He has given me.

60. Thankful for a clean bill of health yesterday on follow-up tests to a suspicious/worrisome mammogram, which caused me to consider (for the past 10 days of waiting for further test) the frailty of this life here on earth and my lack of power to really do anything about it. Our every breath is truly in His hands alone. But He has deemed that I will be here a little longer - at least the prospect of breast cancer has been put to rest for now. May I live each moment to His glory! We never know when He might call us home. Are we ready? Are we right with Him? Will we be spending eternity in Glory? These are questions many do not want to consider. Thankful that He brings me back to right thinking - even if it takes 10 worrisome days to do it. :)

Can you list 1000 things for which you are thankful? It does the heart good! Try it. :)

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