Sunday, 20 July 2008

Chaos and Control

Can you tell I went to Get Smart last night? haha Great Movie - that from someone who does not watch TV and has not been to a movie for over a year.
These are family pictures from 2001. There were 36 of us to organized so it was chaotic to say the least. And the sun was quickly setting.

I think I was a little tired when I put this page together - feels like I just glued what was handy down - you know - a rather chaotic approach? But hey they can't all be a masterpiece. The memory is going into the album.

Have a blessed day everyone.


Allie said...

Haha - Paul and I just finished watching season 1 of the old TV series. Not planning to see the movie - I like the series too much!! Glad you liked it.: )

Julie said...

You have the original Get Smart???
Okay - Christmas idea here!! hint, hint!