Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Taste of Saskatchewan

Harold and I biked down to Taste of Saskatchewan two weeks ago now. For you non Saskatchewanites, this is an outdoor festival of sorts, where restaurants set up house and sell their best dishes. You get a taste of all the different restaurants except there are so many of them that you never get to them all. There is also some local entertainment - and I mean local!
I found it a bit pricey for what you get and the people - well this has become a popular venue in the past few years and man was it crowded. I am not a crowds person but enjoyed the outing with Harold.

people, people, people

But we had fun and the bike ride was a work out especially with my camera case on my back with all my lenses - just in case, you know. Got a few shots of the S. Saskatchewan river on the way home. It was my opportunity to stop the bike and rest on that uphill climb over University bridge! whew!! This gal is out of shape.

So who went to Taste of Saskatchewan and did you get caught in a down pour?


Anonymous said...

We went on the Wed. night and had a great time, both our daughters and their husbands met us there, along with our granddaughter. We left that night just as the wind was picking up, but I don't believe there was much rain that night. I sure wouldn't have wanted to get caught in the downpour like the people whose picture was in the paper!! Cheryl

Julie said...

Isn't this just the oddest weather we are having this summer? Glad you had a great time with family at Taste of Saskatchewan. It is good to spend as much time outdoors as we can....before winter locks us in for five months. :)