Wednesday, 23 July 2008

"98" Very Superior


As a 1930s wife, I am
Very Superior

Take the test!

So how do you score as a 1930's house wife. I always knew I was a tad old fashioned - it is just the way that I was raised. But I am darn proud of it! I would NEVER prepare breakfast in my nightie. And I don't plan to change - besides I am, according to this test, very superior! According to my 18 yr old daughter I am too particular. sigh! Call me old fashioned - I am who I am.

So, go ahead - take the test and let me know how you honest now!!


Jason & Laurie Bearce said...

I scored an 86! I too am very superior! Yay! Laurie

Angie said...

I scored 88. Yeah for very superior!!! I'm going to make Rick take it and see how he scores. Thanks for sharing :)

Julie said...

Haha, David scored a 98 too - so I guess we are compatable - oldfashioned, but compatable. Funny thing is, I took the test as if I were him - and scored the same score as he did - guess that's what 29 years does for ya!
Thanks for joining in the fun girls. We would do just fine in the 1930's....okay maybe not - no time to scrapbook!

Sonya and David said...

I'm an 82....would've been higher if I could just keep those darn seams in my hose straight..LOL!
Cute quiz! I needed the smile tonight :)

Paul said...

I got 112! Would you believe it, 112.

Julie said...

Paul, Was there a question in there about making your bed in the morning? If not, then okay I might believe it.