Friday, 20 June 2008

Gratitude List

Ten more things for which I am thankful

31. I am thankful for Don's photo. They know their stuff and they have great service. I was in there the other day to ask their expert opinion on my new wide angle 12-60 lens. I have sent it back to Olympus twice and while they give great customer service, the lens is still not working for me. I had one staff and the owner of Don's confirm that yes the lens has a problem and not my camera and then the owner of Dons handed me a new lens and said they would send my old one back as defective. Wow!! Here I was expecting to package it up again and send it off spending a week or two in wide angle withdrawal. But now I have a new lens that works. Well I will soon find out at Mark's graduation anyways. So yes, thank you Don's photo for always coming through for me!

32. I am very thankful for my husband. I am having trouble figuring him out these days. There is this transformation taking place that I am stunned by. After 30 years of me doing all the yard work, he has taken it on this year with gusto! I mean real gusto. He inspects it every night, reseeds any little bald spots and keeps it cut and trimmed and well watered - really well watered if there is a golf game on TV. After supper he says "Would you like to join me m'lady in a walk around the manor?" I stare at him dumbfounded and then out he goes to do his nightly inspection. I just stand at the window amazed. He putters around out there and I retreat to my computer and blog. I mean you have to LOVE that!!! Okay sometimes I join him and tell him how fabulous the lawn look. If you come for a vist - please take note of how incredibly green and perfect the lawn is. :) Then watch him smile.

33. Iam thankful for my husband...again. He is at this very moment installing a rack for gardening tools in the garage. Himself! Alone! A year ago this guy didn't know where to find the drill in the garage let alone use it. I think he aspires to be more like his friend Larry who has every tool and actually knows how to use them all. David is extremely intelligent and a hardworking man, but not a handyman. For years I have fought with the rakes and shovels bonking me on the head .... Not any more! Well, I don't do the gardening now. hehe Like I said I am a little dumbstruck but thankful, very thankful.

34. I am thankful for microwave ovens. Really, how else can you have a hot meal on the table 15 minutes after you get in the door from work? Okay they were leftovers but REALLY good leftovers.

35. I am thankful for leather furniture. It arrived today. smells soooo good. It feels pretty nice too. The family room is getting very full again and we no longer hear echos when we walk. I am thankful just being able to get new furniture in there...I think I might have mentioned this one already but the new couch arrived today.

36. I am thankful for U-Haul trailers, otherwise I have no idea how we would get all Mark's stuff home from Brandon this weekend. I am tired just thinking about it. But I am thankful. David says he doesn't know why they are called U-Haul. He thinks they should be called "WE- Haul" since that is who is doing the hauling. LOL Love this guy!

37. Weeds - my garden is full of them - and I am thankful, because that means everything is growing like crazy right now and I can always pull the weeds out -it is on that list I haven't got to this week. But what will be left after the weeds are disposed of is going to look fantastic!

38. My water bed. It is the best bed in the whole world. (so you would think I would stay home a lot more instead of taking off every weekend in June!!) We bought this water bed in 1986. I know you probably were just a kid. We have replaced every part of it at least once. It has a whole bunch of super baffles - so no waviness. And comfortable? It is just a haven for me after a long day...or 9 hours in the car coming home from one of those weekend excursions.

39. My very patient son Paul - my computer whiz who spent 2 long distance hours on the phone with me the other night walking me through some computer stuff. He has such a gentle way about him and he put up with my very short term memory for those two hours. "No Mom, remember we did this three times already - just type the same thing" sigh....

40. My very sweet and gentle daughter in law who remembers to send a card to my brother on his 59th birthday when I haven't sent him a card in ...... um....never.

Life is good because He is good! The blessings abound because of Him. And I am thankful.


Angie said...

I think it is a really wierd year for grass. Rick has acted really strange this year too about the grass. I am always the one doing most of the yard work, but this year, the grass is ALL his...all the watering, seeding, fertilizing, etc. He spends most of his evening out there touching spots up to...kinda wierd for him, but I too, am very thankful.

Anonymous said...

Just letting you know I was here Julie...glad you are home safely!
Blessings today!
Jan P

Julie said...

Hi Jan, thanks for visiting. Actually we were not home. I posted this post with a time stamp to post while I was away - I did that with the past three posts. I ususally do my posts ahead of time and set the posting time.

We arrived home from Brandon tonight (Fri) supper and still have to get the U-Haul back. Tomorrow's plan. But the graduation was very nice, Mark did a poresentation of his half of the class that was very impressive and he should arrive home tomorrow.... and I am tired. :)

Julie said...

Hi Angie - got to love those guys - and keep telling them how great the lawn looks. There won't be one complaint from me!!

Angie said...

I should walk over to your house and see your beautiful grass...seeing as I pretty much just live on the other side of the fence from you :)

Julie said...

haha, anytime - but ignor the weeds in the garden - I am headed out there right now....I know it is 7:25 am but I also have the front entry way to paint today, laundry and a ton of ironing. BUT the weeds are beginning to think they own the place!

Allie said...

Haha - I'll tell you my secret for the birthday card sending :)

When you gave me that list of birthdays and anniversaries after I married Paul, I stuck them all in Google calendar. I also added all my side's birthdays etc. I keep stocked up on birthday cards as well as blank ones, so now at the beginning of every month, I go to Google calendar and write down all the things coming up that month (because at heart I'm a paper person, not an internet person!). Then I sit there and do all the cards for the month - 20 minutes tops. Then I leave them by the front door with a sticky on top telling me approximately when to mail each one.

Everyone always says, "You have such a good memory for birthdays!" and I say, "Haha, no - it's my Google calendar!!"

Love you! :)