Monday, 27 August 2012

More Photo Fun

Since getting deep into photography I now don't mind long waits in airports. It gives me time to go thru the days photos, do a little editing, post to the blog and maybe take in some photography tutorials. So here you go. Some of todays photos from our morning walk through Beacon Hill.
Should be home at 12:30 am Lord willing.

 This morning I played with a slow shutter speed again. 
But this time I did not use a tripod and moved the camera as the shutter released. 
Shades if Monet? 

 Love this one. 
"Little girl by the tree"

GTG we are boarding. I have more - later.

Okay in Calgary - some more.

Boarding again. :)


Took this the other night with my son Mark. I love going out and finding cool things to photograph with Mark and night photography with long exposures is one of my favorites. The problem is I have trouble staying awake after the sun sets. If only I were 29 yrs old. :)
Here is Clover Point in Victoria.
One minute exposure - thanks to Marks iPhone.
I did post this in my 365 but have since added a cool effect in Lightroom thanks to free presets from Matt Kloskowski
I added the Big Sky Super Strong preset. Thanks Matt!!

Saturday, 25 August 2012

His Creation

I am in Victoria visiting my Mom. The sun has been shining every day. It is beautiful.
This morning David and I took a walk to the ocean and then over to Mom's place. I carried my camera and enjoyed the beautiful gardens here in Victoria.

I look at these and marvel at what an incredible creator we have. He is most definitely a God of order. How anyone can look at one of His flowers and deny Him baffles me.

"The photograph itself doesn't interest me. I want only to capture a minute part of reality." - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Intuos5 and Kelby Training

The other day I was watching a video on PS editing and the instructor mentioned something to the effect that any decent PS or LR editor would have a tablet. I do have one of sorts and I use it occasionally for the really small stuff - but it is quite archaic as in 10 years old, tiny and a bit of a pain to use. It spends 99 % of it's time acting as a mouse pad.
So I visited the Wacom site - leaders in tablets -  and watched a video. I was sold on the firm belief that I needed an Intuos5 size medium!
And wouldn't you know it,  London Drugs happened to have the one I wanted on the shelf. I sent my assistant (aka accountant, sherpa and sweetheart)..... and he picked one up moments before we headed out of town. This wound be a perfect week to figure this thing out since I would be without my major distractions (SHR and grand babies) :) I love these distractions (one more then the other) but they do get in the way of my photography passion. So it was a no brainer - not only did I need one but I needed it today.

We arrived in Yorkton and I got to setting it up - very simple. Install the program and drivers off the cd... but I don't have a cd drive in my laptop (my heart skipped a beat) ..... no problem - I downloaded it off the web site and I was up and running.

Sooo what could it do? I didn't have a clue - so far it was doing what my mouse did - I was just holding a pen. And it is huge - I will need more dest space at home....hmmmm.

I watched the tutorial on the Wacom web site and it totally confused me. The fellow spoke so quickly, moved lightening fast and used terms I have no clue about. I got absolutely zero out of that 2 minute tutorial. No, I got frustration.

Enter Kelby Training. Hands down THE best photography, Lightroom and Photoshop training place I have EVER come across. And I have visited many. I own (and have actually read) several of Scott Kelby's books. This man can teach and teach well. Last month I signed up for Kelby training and started watching all their wedding tutorials since weddings were big on the agenda in July. I do believe that at my last two weddings I captured several new and fabulous shots thanks to a tutorial on posing by Jerry Ghionis. Worth every penny. I believe my lighting has improved too thanks to these tutorials.

But would they have any tutorials/classes/videos on tablets?
Well what do you know? Not only on tablets, but on Wacom tablets. And not only on Wacom tablets but on the Intuos4 - and I happen to have the 5 (hehe)

So for the past two days I have been working my way thru over 90 minutes of detailed tutorial taught by Corey Barker. I watch 5 minute and spend 30 minute in photoshop actually using the thing. I still have quite a learning curve ahead of me because this pen and tablet take editing to a whole new level.

Bottom Line: The Intuos5 and Kelby training are making me a much better photographer.

And for a break from the computer I am reading Vision Mongers: Making a Life and Living in Photography by David duChemin - another great writer (I have three of his books and I am almost finished 2 of them) He is also a Canadian out of Vancouver. His Blog Pixilated Images is worth a read.

And that is probably enough links for you today.
This is what I am doing in Yorkton... and making blueberry pie.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Madge Lake Family Photography

Had a wonderful time up at Madge Lake a few weeks ago. I was photographing a very beautiful family. And having fun on the lake. What a peaceful relaxing place. Made me yearn to have a cottage to retreat to in the summer.....

Monday, 13 August 2012

Saskatoon Family Photography

Out of the city once again to photograph pretty little Aleina and her farmer daddy. Aleina just turned 3 and what a sweet little girl she is. She took quite a shining to me and I got a few hugs and kisses. We had fun in the canola fields and at the forestry farm. I love these shots of her in the field. I think three year olds are a whole lot of fun to photograph. 

I think Aleina and her daddy will be pretty happy with the memories we captured. 

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Another Saskatoon Wedding

Cindy and Kevin were married in their back yard with family and friends surrounding them. It was a beautiful wedding ceremony for a beautiful bride. We took photos across the street in their neighbours yard - a neighbours BIG yard with plenty of trees and a little bit if forest. It was romantic and unique for a city wedding. I may have to use this back yard again some day. Cindy and Kevin have 5 children between them and what a blessing to see them all so involved and working hard to make this the perfect wedding day for their parents.

The bride and her "bridesmaids"

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

More Saskatoon Wedding

I love brides... and grooms too... and wedding days and beautiful bridesmaids and handsome groomsmen and funny fathers of the bride, all the wonderful speeches and well just the whole wedding day is so wonderful. I truly feel blessed to be trusted with the responsibility of capturing it all.
Enough talk..... take a look at the slideshow and let me know what you think.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Saskatoon Wedding

Finally! I have some wedding photos ready from Kyle and Kristin's wedding. And what a beautiful day it was. Perfect in every way!
A gorgeous bride!
A very sweet and shy groom! Although some of the speeches would reveal his true nature. :)
Love, happiness and celebration permeated the day. Two wonderful families joined together.
Lots of laughter, lots of fun, lots of passion and oh my lots of photos to capture every special moment of the day.

Congratulations Kristin and Kyle. We so enjoyed our day with you.

Photos are up on the web site. Here for the wedding photos and here for reception photos. Sorry password protected