Sunday, 26 February 2017

Miss Isla

She is starting to talk and we are listening to every word she has to say.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Lock Up

We are at lock up stage - which means there are windows in and locks on doors so we can't get in unless our builder is with us. :(

But the roofers, the electrician and the plumbers are all working hard. During the week the house is full of people and it is moving along quickly. Final decisions on fixtures, floors, cabinetry, counters, plugs, switches...... are 90% completed!!

Now I focus on window treatments, some furniture, a few last lighting fixture and a few other items.

No heat yet - don't know how these workers work all day in the cold. The basement is temporarily heated so some poor plumber can dig a trench thru frozen ground for all the pipes. We are thankful for this very mild winter though. It could be a lot more difficult.

The view from the front hall - there will be a stairwell to the basement where the orange tarp is.

My view from my kitchen Island....I can't wait to share it with you over a cup of tea.... or glass of wine..... or martini. :) If you visit in summer we will be on the deck!

Sunday, 5 February 2017

The Build

For those of you who want to follow along in the excitement of our new build, I will post photos here. Just of the house mind you. I will spare you photos of all the other aspects of the build - like sorting, giving away and kijijiing a million items in an effort to not move anything but what absolutely has to be moved in six months. (wait!! make that just over 4 months!!)

Kijiji - an interesting phenomena. I have posted two items for free in the past week and both were picked up within 5 hours. I am always happy to see something of no value to me, go to a home where it is valued. I have also posted two items at very good prices and not even a nibble. I have appreciated people actually showing up when they said they would and being very thankful.

Yes, every waking and non working hour seems to be devoted to finding, filling and sorting boxes. They are EVERYWHERE!! I am putting them either in the back of the car to go to the World Serve store (two large trips already) or to church for the winter clothing drive to the Light House or to recycle or to the ultimate keeper pile quickly taking over the garage.

I will spare you photos of meetings with the bank, lawyer, builder, technology people, appliance people... and the list goes on. And me rearranging the furniture a million times in an effort to "stage" the current house for the market.

It is an adventure to say the least. And despite the many, many things on our to do list, busyness with both our jobs and life in general, we are enjoying the ride. Saturday morning is date morning and that means a visit to the house to survey the progress, a few photos and then off to breakfast together to go over the "to do" list one more time. This is about when our builder gets an email from us. He is beyond patient!!!

The basement is almost ready - 75 % packed up, cleaned, cleared and staged. Eva and Norah were over for an afternoon of Valentines crafts with Grandma yesterday. Norah headed down the basement to play as we waited for craft #1 to dry and I heard her explain in a loud voice. "WHAT happened down here??!!"

Grandma: "I cleaned up"

This weeks photos!
We have the beginnings of our new home.