Sunday, 24 July 2011

Another busy day.

Oh boy these holidays are filled with activity. I return to work tomorrow. I know it will be busy, but I can at least keep some sense of order on my desk.

David was up very early this am to get the last of the dragonflies off the grill. 2000 km means a lot of dragonflies.

Then the gang settled in for the Riders game. Wasn't that an exciting game? The game aint over til it's over - especially with the Riders. How many times can you mess up a sure thing.
Then it was Too Tall Trifle cake to celebrate Mark's birthday. The whole gang sang happy birthday. (imagine three more shy people behind the camera).

Friday, 22 July 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Family

Today I photographed three lovely ladies. A beautiful family.

The gallery is up on the web site HERE.
As usual, you have to know the password, which is the mom's name (case sensitive)

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Drinking lots of fluids!

Staying in the shade.
Jumping in the lake.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Summer Days

Man, it is hot and humid!

 Eva LOVES the water but will NOT put her feet on the sand.
 Plum tuckered out.
 Tanis loves the water and the sand. Having fun with Grandpa
 Eva with Grandpa and Great Grandma
I love Grandpa
 Poker Game - Coney tradition

Harold won the pot.

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Off to Lake of the Woods

Phew! Busy day!
Check out of hotel
Take gang for breakfast.
Find Mark's Firehall where alarm rings as soon as we arrive.
Leave fire hall.
Grocery shop for the gang (with two baby's in tow)
Back to the fire hall for a tour
On the highway to Kenora (yeah! babies sleep) (2.5 hrs)
Find the shuttel, park the cars and head across to to the island. (1 hr)
Unload/carry/ put away a TON of stuff in very hot humid weather.
Jump in the lake!

 Mark shows us the fire pole

 hoses - three stories high.
 The humidity does wonderful things to Eva's hair. :)
 Sticking close to Grandpa

Gathering the gang

I am taking a break from my full time work with SHR and from the photography business and enjoying family this week. (okay I have one photo gig next Fri but I love it. )
We all met up at my brothers home for a delicious meal. Hail to the Kale - must get that recipe.
The grand babies took to each other right away . "Hey! Someone my size." So I am looking forward to some fun beach times and photos.

 Tanis is sitting on her great grandfather's (Oldefar's) chair from his childhood lovingly made by her great great grandfather. It is a very wonderful moment for me when I consider that my father sat on this chair reading books and now my grandchildren sit on the very same chair.

Cherishing every moment.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Still addicted to textures

Pulling up some pretty old photos and reviving them....
most were shot with my old Olympus E500

I am thinking I might quit my job and play in photoshop all day.... okay maybe spend an hr working out at the gym in the morning, book a few photo shoots, work in my garden , but otherwise play in photoshop.
What d'ya think?

Monday, 11 July 2011

More Textures

...cause I am having fun.... I should go to bed... but I am having fun. 

The currently condemned CP locomotive shop. Soon to be demolished. 

 Poppies  Buchart Gardens

The Empress - Victoria, B.C.

 Saskatchewan Prairies

Prairie Wind Turbines