Sunday, 17 July 2011

Gathering the gang

I am taking a break from my full time work with SHR and from the photography business and enjoying family this week. (okay I have one photo gig next Fri but I love it. )
We all met up at my brothers home for a delicious meal. Hail to the Kale - must get that recipe.
The grand babies took to each other right away . "Hey! Someone my size." So I am looking forward to some fun beach times and photos.

 Tanis is sitting on her great grandfather's (Oldefar's) chair from his childhood lovingly made by her great great grandfather. It is a very wonderful moment for me when I consider that my father sat on this chair reading books and now my grandchildren sit on the very same chair.

Cherishing every moment.


Original Inspirations said...

THE CHAIR - there's a scrapbooking page. Maybe you have photos of other generations on the same chair - would make for an awesome page exhibiting through the generations. Love the photography, as always. Enjoy your week-long!

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Thelma. Somewhere in the archives is a photo of my little brother sitting on this chair. Hopefully one day I will come across photo of my Dad on this chair.