Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Family

Meet the Manz Family.....

Manz private gallery is on the web site.  Best watched in the slide show format. You will have to know the family and the password to get in.... sorry. Thems the rules.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Eva is 9 months old

It was just too hard to decide which photo tonight.
I have 10 more I would love to share. :)

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a quiet day. Phone calls from the kids and lunch out just the two of us.
We worked in the back yard together and sweetheart weeded - usually my job. He pulled out my Basil...that is why it is usually my job. But he was trying to spare me the work. I still love him.

I printed off some photos for Dave's office - they badly needed updating. So all his great square frames now have the latest photos of the granddaughters in them and are ready to go back up on his walls. I am also just a tad closer to buying that very wonderful Epson wide format printer I have had my eye on for 4 months.

Yesterday I ordered some very cool products for a Graduate I photographed the other weekend. I am looking forward to seeing these 4X6 accordion mini-books. 

except my cover will look like this. 
Designed in CS5

and the innards like this

Kind of fun!
Also designed some accordion photo-books of the grand-babies to carry in my purse.

And played with some overlays in Photoshop CS5
I could do this all day!

This one I took from the car window on the drive home last weekend. I didn't know we had wind turbines in Saskatchewan. What better way to generate energy then from the wind?

And played with some new free actions in CS5

Loved this one so much I sent it off to Don's tonight...... a little bit closer to that new printer....

And that is my day.
Missing my Dad.
Posted a photo of him on my 365.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

ProShow Web

I am giving a new web slide show program a testing.
Not sure it beats Animoto at this point but it has some nice features. I still think Animoto is a little classier and has way more music choices.
But here goes.
I used a bunch of my fav photos

Sunday, 12 June 2011


I ordered new business cards from Moo the other day and I am very excited for their arrival. They have rounded corners!!

It seems I have given out all my last 100 cards - business and interest is booming!
So this time I ordered 200 of them. :)

I love Moo!! They make such cool high quality paper products. 

I am also waiting for my first flush mount wedding album to be built and mailed out. I posted a few of the sample pages a bit ago. This represents a whole lot of time and moolah so I am hoping it looks as fantastic in real life as it does digitally. I am very excited to get that in the mail. Canada Post had better come through for me. 

My sweetheart is home after a week in China! Sigh. I missed him terribly, but life is normal again.

There is a new web slide show company just launched. It will compete with Animoto, the company I use to make all my slide shows. ProShow Web will be giving Animoto a run for the money and as soon as I have a few moments I am going to be trying it out - paid for a month to see if it can beat Animoto in making killer slide shows. So expect some slide shows in the coming weeks.

June is flying by as did May and April and March.... seems life is flying by and the entire summer is booked up and planned for, work taking a good chunk of it. Trying to plan a QUIET get away with sweetheart for a few days. :)
...but when....

 Meanwhile I am quite enjoying my 16-35mm 2.8 wide angle. :)

Friday, 10 June 2011

Cutie Pie

yep! That's what you are!

I scrapped two weekends ago during that rainy Sunday afternoon. I needed a break from Photoshop... so I scrapped. I went to save the scan and realized I didn't have a folder under scanned scrapbook pages for 2011 - which means I haven't scrapped since 2010.....sigh...

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Gratitude List 151-160

I have been remiss in keeping this gratitude list up. Not that I haven't been grateful every moment of every day, but it is always a blessing to take a few moments and really think about the things I am thankful for and actually put pen to paper.. or fingers to keyboard.

It keeps me focused on the right things.
So on Monday I had an EDO and the only thing on the agenda was an hour at the gym (showered and dressed), edit 300 grad photos and upload to web site and make a slide show, go pick up Allison and Eva for lunch and ...... update the gratitude list.  It was a piece of cake.

I didn't get to the gym.....or all the photos done,  but I did get out for lunch. priorities!

151 - I am thankful for the color PINK. It is so fresh and clean and pure and I get to cuddle with grand daughters who wear it all the time. And put it on my toes. :)

152. Our road trip last fall. Twelve hours together in the car just to talk to one another and be together uninterrupted by a computer or a TV.

153. The Canadian Rockies. How can you look at these and not have even a glimpse of how incredible our Creator is? How wonderful Creation is... and then we go and mess with it.

154. Food. This photo of a hamburger that I took in Hawaii last year kind of jumped out at me and reminded me that food really is such a wonderful thing and the fact that I have never had a day in my life when I did not eat or have the ability to eat, is something to be thankful for. There are people who go a whole day without eating - not because they are on a diet or fasting for medical test, but because they just can't get any food.
Be thankful for every morsel of bread you have.  ...okay a bit of a rant in there with my extreme thankfulness that God provides our daily bread.

155. My husband of 31 years who is on the other side of the world as I type. Could I love a man any more then I love this man? So thankful for His grace in our lives to give us a marriage truly made in heaven - not perfect by any stretch - but absolutely wonderful! I miss you dear and I am counting the sleeps.
This is us kissing on the beaches of Oahu at sunset. (smile)

156. The smell of the ocean. I am a prairie girl but there is something about the smell of the sea that just melts away all my worries. Now it is a completely different story when I am ON the sea, but smelling it, listening to it and watching it is glorious.  Thankful I get to visit it when I do.

157. Hawaii. Alone with my Sweetheart. By the Pool. Reading. Hanging out. This photo just takes me back - thankful I can go there.

158. Airplanes - so I can get to the ocean. :)

 159. Life - I am thankful.
I lost my Dad just over a month ago and, well, I miss him. The realization that I will NEVER see him again is really hard and hasn't quite sunk in. Death is final - the most final thing in this world. So I am thankful for every breath He gives me. May I use each one to His glory.
This photo was taken in a graveyard in Savannah Georgia.

160. New Life which brings eternal life with our Lord and Creator - the One who made those mountains, the flowers, sunsets, oceans, the crashing sea, who provides us with food, love and every breath we take. Do not ignore Him.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Graduation ~ Saskatoon Photography

I love photographing graduates.
So much hope and excitement - the end of one adventure. The beginning of another.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

This is Brittany

...a very lovely and beautiful young woman with a gentle spirit. She is going into nursing in the fall. I think she is going to be a wonderful nurse.

Some photos from today. I LOVE doing graduation (senior) photos.