Sunday, 19 June 2011

Happy Father's Day

We had a quiet day. Phone calls from the kids and lunch out just the two of us.
We worked in the back yard together and sweetheart weeded - usually my job. He pulled out my Basil...that is why it is usually my job. But he was trying to spare me the work. I still love him.

I printed off some photos for Dave's office - they badly needed updating. So all his great square frames now have the latest photos of the granddaughters in them and are ready to go back up on his walls. I am also just a tad closer to buying that very wonderful Epson wide format printer I have had my eye on for 4 months.

Yesterday I ordered some very cool products for a Graduate I photographed the other weekend. I am looking forward to seeing these 4X6 accordion mini-books. 

except my cover will look like this. 
Designed in CS5

and the innards like this

Kind of fun!
Also designed some accordion photo-books of the grand-babies to carry in my purse.

And played with some overlays in Photoshop CS5
I could do this all day!

This one I took from the car window on the drive home last weekend. I didn't know we had wind turbines in Saskatchewan. What better way to generate energy then from the wind?

And played with some new free actions in CS5

Loved this one so much I sent it off to Don's tonight...... a little bit closer to that new printer....

And that is my day.
Missing my Dad.
Posted a photo of him on my 365.

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