Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Garden

Today, my friends, was a wonderful relaxing day. It started with great fellowship and super message with the saints at church followed by a church BBQ and we all know church pot luck BBQ's have some of THE best food!! We have met so many interesting people there and today we sat with a fellow who is 79 yrs and still plays hockey and baseball actively - amazing. No photos of the bbq though.

I noticed the peony was in full bloom when we left for church and knowing this will not last long, I did a walkabout the garden with my Macro lens as soon as we were home from the church BBQ.

Then I spent a lazy afternoon followed by an impromptu visit from friends who stayed for an impromptu bbq and more great food (and wine).
....okay and David's famous White Lady!
We made it a long evening.

And for interests sake I am throwing in a photo of the deck which we sanded and stained on Saturday. I am very pleased with the results. We ate on the deck tonight. :)

So here is what I found on my walkabout the garden today....

 My little herb garden - all I need - basil, cilantro and parsley

And that is what we did today.

How was your Sunday?

Friday, 28 June 2013

What a Hoot!

After supper this past Friday night I pulled together another page.
I must print some photos of Jane and get some of her done too!

It is so nice to see my desk again.... it was covered in all sorts of photography related stuff.
I am so productive when I know where everything is and I can see the surface I want to work on. :)

Eva - about 20 months.

Thursday, 27 June 2013


I almost forgot to post these blossoms of my neighbours cherry bush.
Taken in May.

Aren't they simply gorgeous?

I wonder what they would look like as a large canvas..... for a little girls room. :)

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Music to My Ears

Eva belts it out as Mom accompanies her on the piano!

Feeling lots of joy seeing this little one enjoy music so much!!

Monday, 24 June 2013

BEMA and Hawaii

I am on a roll!!

Time to hire someone to clean my house and do my laundry..... maybe make a meal or two. :)

I keep finding photos I printed years ago with the intention of scrapbooking......
It only took just shy of 3 years for this one above. :)

This one below just came out of the frame for a more updated photo.

 I finally got to use that Vacation rub on - I have 2 of them and I have had them for 3 years!!
Maybe 4!

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Not in my yard, thank you!

Attentions Scrapbookers

I am selling all my acrylic stamps and accompanying products.
Well over $200 in stamps alone - some never left the original packaging and most 90 % have never seen ink. I love them but I just never caught on to acrylic stamps.
So why did I buy them all?
I am not sure.

And I am also selling the stuff that generally goes with them - a variety of stuff.  Staz on inks ,Tim Holtz alcohol inks, stamp holders, Maya Rd acrylic album, Glimmer Mist (pretty full bottles), Fun Flock, embossing powder, versa mark and refill embossing fluid.
 I am not sure how much ink is still in the ink pads they seem to have ink. They were used once or twice but it has been a few years.

To make this easy, I am selling it all as a bundle - the stamps and the other stuff together. The whole shebang for $50.
First to get here and take it. Click on "contact me" above and send me a message. :)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday Morning with the Girls

Well you know I have a list of things I need to get done around the house - photos from the family vacation to get into a book, clients photos to tweak and send off, laundry - oh yes there is always laundry and dishes to unload from the dishwasher. No yard work because it is just too wet out there.

But why think about all those things when you can spend a few hours with the girls - out for breakfast and a little shopping!

 And what better way to start the fun then with some chocolate milk at Cora's
 and some colouring too. 
 Can you tell what is missing from this photo?
yup - the shirt is missing...... it has chocolate milk on it. 

We switched to water only to discover the girl was soaked when we lifted her out of her high chair.
And we didn't have a change of clothes.

So why not head next door to Carters and find a pair of leggings on sale??

Which we did.

Allison and I shopped and took turns watching Norah. It takes two to watch Norah.


She shopped too......

 She found that cart at the front door all by herself...... remember we were just picking up a cheap pair of leggings.

She filled it all by herself too!!

This girl can shop!!
"oh nice"  - into the cart it goes
"awe cute" -  into the cart it goes
 Then she spotted it!!

The princess dress!

Oh my,

"Grandma can I put it on??"

How was I to say no??

It was on the sales rack..... $18

I bought it.

One VERY happy girl all day today.
I think she might insist on sleeping in it tonight. :)

On to the reason for shopping today - $10 dresses at Old Navy

This time we are smart - Norah is in the stroller.
Eva wonders off and we turn around and she has found a hat and shoes to go with her new dress.

I love this girl!!

But hey lets try another pair of shoes since these ones seem to be tied together.....

This was about the time Norah needed a nap so the camera went away and we finished up our dress shopping as soon as we could.
Look for Eva's "Princess" dress at church tomorrow.

Fun morning!
Thanks for letting me share. :)
This Grandma gig is a good thing.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Eight Hours Old!

I spent 10 hours in my office today cleaning - everything!!
That meant going thru the scrapbook supplies and "trimming" them down.
If you are interested in acrylic stamps still in their original package - never opened - contact me. Have I got a deal for you!!

Guilt is assuaged - I now have one page of Norah's birth.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stolen Photos!!

The girls stopped by after work today and what a perfect evening for frolicking in the grass, Grandma with her camera.

On the down side of today, I discovered again that someone had pirated one of my photos and put it on a public site. This is stealing and I do not like it.
At all!!
Using my photos for their personal gain without consent and in ways I do not approve of is, well, illegal and just plain wrong. The company took it down immediately - people cannot read the copy write rules.  But these companies allow people to post anonymously - so I can't even find out who stole the photo of Eva.

And so I am now forced to put my logo in a place that hinders this kind of use. A place that makes it difficult to photoshop it out and makes the photo useless for people to take and use as they please.

Unfortunately it does take away from your viewing pleasure - you my faithful blog visitors..... cause I know you come to see cute photos of my grand babies.

Sigh - disheartened with mankind.

I considered not posting any photos of them at all. But then you would have to put up with my garden, Saskatoon scenery and travel photos. :)

But the thought of people taking photos of my grand daughters and being able to use them and post them on any site without their
parents or my permission/approval concerns me.

So the logos go on.


Okay - tonights photos - are just Norah because I have too many cute ones of both of them.


Monday, 17 June 2013


She is becoming quite proficient at puzzles
I love doing puzzles, but she won't let me help her.

If I do help she pulls them apart and starts over.


She is also becoming proficient at interesting faces for Grandma's camera

Eva's finger nails and toe nails now match Grandma's toe did that happen? :)

Saturday, 15 June 2013


Grandpa calls her Pumpkin head and sometimes mop top
Grandma calls her Sweetie pie

We both call her "Trouble with a CAPITOL 'T' "

I turn my back for 3 seconds and she is standing on the glass kitchen table.
or scaling the side of her high chair
or she has disappeared upstairs and is standing IN the toilet.

She does not crawl down stairs.
She walks down the stairs like the big people
and falls

She will not sit in the bathtub

Do not leave the patio doors unlocked.... ever!
Or the basement stair door open
Or my office door
Or any bathroom door

She likes to check out what is in the garbage under the sink
She likes to empty my cupboards
several times

She runs everywhere, giggling

She exhausts me

But she is the sweetest and happiest little girl in the whole world and I love her to pieces.