Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Garden

Today, my friends, was a wonderful relaxing day. It started with great fellowship and super message with the saints at church followed by a church BBQ and we all know church pot luck BBQ's have some of THE best food!! We have met so many interesting people there and today we sat with a fellow who is 79 yrs and still plays hockey and baseball actively - amazing. No photos of the bbq though.

I noticed the peony was in full bloom when we left for church and knowing this will not last long, I did a walkabout the garden with my Macro lens as soon as we were home from the church BBQ.

Then I spent a lazy afternoon followed by an impromptu visit from friends who stayed for an impromptu bbq and more great food (and wine).
....okay and David's famous White Lady!
We made it a long evening.

And for interests sake I am throwing in a photo of the deck which we sanded and stained on Saturday. I am very pleased with the results. We ate on the deck tonight. :)

So here is what I found on my walkabout the garden today....

 My little herb garden - all I need - basil, cilantro and parsley

And that is what we did today.

How was your Sunday?


Laurie Bearce said...

Where is Larry's chin hair?!

Julie Cortens said...

haha, gone for the summer I guess.