Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Stolen Photos!!

The girls stopped by after work today and what a perfect evening for frolicking in the grass, Grandma with her camera.

On the down side of today, I discovered again that someone had pirated one of my photos and put it on a public site. This is stealing and I do not like it.
At all!!
Using my photos for their personal gain without consent and in ways I do not approve of is, well, illegal and just plain wrong. The company took it down immediately - people cannot read the copy write rules.  But these companies allow people to post anonymously - so I can't even find out who stole the photo of Eva.

And so I am now forced to put my logo in a place that hinders this kind of use. A place that makes it difficult to photoshop it out and makes the photo useless for people to take and use as they please.

Unfortunately it does take away from your viewing pleasure - you my faithful blog visitors..... cause I know you come to see cute photos of my grand babies.

Sigh - disheartened with mankind.

I considered not posting any photos of them at all. But then you would have to put up with my garden, Saskatoon scenery and travel photos. :)

But the thought of people taking photos of my grand daughters and being able to use them and post them on any site without their
parents or my permission/approval concerns me.

So the logos go on.


Okay - tonights photos - are just Norah because I have too many cute ones of both of them.



Allie said...

How did you ever discover the stolen photo??

Julie Cortens said...

A friend of Allison's saw it and let her know in this last incident.
Last fall a fellow photographer recognized Eva in a facebook ad and sent it to me.

Anonymous said...

It saddens me that there are people who do this....love the photos (logo included) Norah is such a sweetheart!
Michele S

Allie said...

Wow. Maybe P is right to be so private about our kids' pics being online!

Julie Cortens said...

Well life is full of risks. We do what we can to lessen them but you have to live. And we want to enjoy ourselves along the way. I appreciate Allison and Sammy allowing me to post photos of their girls. :) They are so darn cute!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,
Norah is so adorable - so full of life with a capital L!! Love the photos. These little girls are blessed to have such a lovely grandma. Thanks for sharing.