Saturday, 15 June 2013


Grandpa calls her Pumpkin head and sometimes mop top
Grandma calls her Sweetie pie

We both call her "Trouble with a CAPITOL 'T' "

I turn my back for 3 seconds and she is standing on the glass kitchen table.
or scaling the side of her high chair
or she has disappeared upstairs and is standing IN the toilet.

She does not crawl down stairs.
She walks down the stairs like the big people
and falls

She will not sit in the bathtub

Do not leave the patio doors unlocked.... ever!
Or the basement stair door open
Or my office door
Or any bathroom door

She likes to check out what is in the garbage under the sink
She likes to empty my cupboards
several times

She runs everywhere, giggling

She exhausts me

But she is the sweetest and happiest little girl in the whole world and I love her to pieces.

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