Saturday, 22 June 2013

Saturday Morning with the Girls

Well you know I have a list of things I need to get done around the house - photos from the family vacation to get into a book, clients photos to tweak and send off, laundry - oh yes there is always laundry and dishes to unload from the dishwasher. No yard work because it is just too wet out there.

But why think about all those things when you can spend a few hours with the girls - out for breakfast and a little shopping!

 And what better way to start the fun then with some chocolate milk at Cora's
 and some colouring too. 
 Can you tell what is missing from this photo?
yup - the shirt is missing...... it has chocolate milk on it. 

We switched to water only to discover the girl was soaked when we lifted her out of her high chair.
And we didn't have a change of clothes.

So why not head next door to Carters and find a pair of leggings on sale??

Which we did.

Allison and I shopped and took turns watching Norah. It takes two to watch Norah.


She shopped too......

 She found that cart at the front door all by herself...... remember we were just picking up a cheap pair of leggings.

She filled it all by herself too!!

This girl can shop!!
"oh nice"  - into the cart it goes
"awe cute" -  into the cart it goes
 Then she spotted it!!

The princess dress!

Oh my,

"Grandma can I put it on??"

How was I to say no??

It was on the sales rack..... $18

I bought it.

One VERY happy girl all day today.
I think she might insist on sleeping in it tonight. :)

On to the reason for shopping today - $10 dresses at Old Navy

This time we are smart - Norah is in the stroller.
Eva wonders off and we turn around and she has found a hat and shoes to go with her new dress.

I love this girl!!

But hey lets try another pair of shoes since these ones seem to be tied together.....

This was about the time Norah needed a nap so the camera went away and we finished up our dress shopping as soon as we could.
Look for Eva's "Princess" dress at church tomorrow.

Fun morning!
Thanks for letting me share. :)
This Grandma gig is a good thing.

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