Monday, 5 April 2010

Gratitude List 141-150

141. Four days off - in a row - with no commitments. I feel so relaxed today. I feel so good.  I feel so .... normal - I think?  Taking lots of photos I will share with you today.

142. A fiction book about haunted houses and ghosts in Charleston S Carolina. I haven't read any fiction for over 18 months. But my brain needed the escape and I am thankful I can get into a fiction book and not feel guilty (very much). I am not sure what it is in me (homeschooling hang over?) that makes me feel that reading fiction is not being a good steward of my time.Ya I know I need to chill out.

143. A non fiction book about extraordinary (or downright weird) people,  who once lived in Savannah Georgia - a little history in there too. Funny, interesting and a little shocking. I read a couple of chapters of this one and then switch to the fiction one about haunted houses.

144. My camera manual. Yes my third book I am reading this weekend. It gets a little dry so the other two books provide relief. But this manual is the only way to get the most out of my new camera. I need to know it inside out. Two wedding shoots coming up and rule #1  KNOW your equipment. So thankful for an actually decent camera manual.

145. Easter Lilies. Because they are so beautiful. I took this photos this am and absolutely love it.

146. Our first bike ride of the season this past Saturday. A chance to experience spring trying to make it's appearance.

147. Time to wonder around Saskatoon with my new camera this morning. Just me and my camera, the river and some geese. It was wonderful! The geese posed for me. Really! Took this photo this am and love this one too - especially the reflection.

148. Thankful for grown up kids that phone me - just because.

149. Thankful for a soft heart when confronted with anger - only God can give me that. Thankful for compassion. Wow - where would this world be if we didn't have compassion.

150. Thankful for a husband that spoils me silly! All the time. It is down right terrible the way this man treats me! I am getting lazy - he did all the Easter supper dishes - by hand. We used the china and silverware!

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