Sunday, 1 June 2008

The Reno's continue, Gratitude List

The back hall is done. But not without a list of problems. Ah renos. I was so discouraged.

At coffee break on Thursday I heard a few more reno issues from a few gals at work. Mine were small in comparison. The problems will get fixed eventually ...but I tell ya - this scrapbooker cannot live with a crooked toilet for much longer!!

I love the new back hall. Today we painted the back door and so.....all is complete - well at least as far as we can go until they come back and fix all the .....mess ups!
The front hall light is installed too. I was at work for this adventure as well. The switch box for the light sits 1/8th of an inch lower than the switch box beside it. WHAT WAS HE THINKING!!!!

Again - this scrapbooker can not live with this! I will phone them tomorrow. ....sigh again!

Used to be workers were looking for work and cared about how it was done. As if there reputation was at stake. Man if I was this careless at my job I would be fired. At least I should be!

Enough complaining. I need a little dose of reality here.
So here is my random list of the next ten things I am thankful for. The first ten are here.

11. In ground sprinklers - man, what a great invention. No more moving that sprinkler around the yard every half hour, getting sprayed in the face with every adjustment.
12. The colours on the wall in my "office" - still like them a year later.
13. My husband - helping me with painting the back door this afternoon, then bringing me a refreshment (as in Corona)
14. Summer. I think it is here..finally!
15. That the vegetable garden has been reduced to a few herbs and one large pot with a tomato plant in it. This I think I can handle!
16. The upstairs hall looks fabulous - finished painting it last night. Wow - should have done that sooner.
17. My washer and dryer. We finally replaced the old guys last Christmas and our clothes have never been cleaner nor have I been able to dry them so fast. I did not know what I was missing.
18. My job with the Saskatoon Health Region (hence the reno and 17 above)
19. The most comfortable bed in the whole world.
20. The downstairs shower - it is NOT energy efficient, which means if you turn around and face the jet stream you may get your faced ripped off but man it is wonderful on the back after 6 straight hours of using a paint roller on an extension pole.

Have a blessed week everyone. I am hoping to have time to play with my new flocking! I will try to post the process. ohhh awe

3 comments: said...

Sounds like fun

Kate said...

Boy, did I miss reading blogs!!! But I am back now...30 days until I move! I really, really lOVE your home. Gorgeous! And I hear you on renos. Ours took 4 weeks of straight 12 hour days for the Hubs. What a great guy. But now the house is done and we are SO DONE living here. S'toon here we come! Can't wait to be in the store more. See you soon!

Julie said...

Kate, you will have to blog the moving in process. I know - it is a very busy time especially with little ones - who has time to find the camera in all the boxes? But it is all part of their lives...the moving out and the moving in. Welcome back home!