Thursday, 19 November 2015

The Parker Palm Springs

I love this place.
I love the humor here - you have to go to their web site and see a few of their videos. They capture the feel of this place - FUN!! Classy FUN!!
I want to stay here - next time we visit.

And the Food at Normas was seriously delicious!! The service outstanding!! The surroundings - well I had to make myself put down the camera and eat. We picked a perfect morning to eat on the patio.
Such friendly people!

So here are a few photos. Just a few, I wish we had another hour to explore and I would love to have seen INSIDE Gene Autry's home but, well someone was staying there. Even resisted peeking in the windows.

Welcome to the Parker Palm 

 Norma's Restaurant

 a little salt n pepper

 I love me some salmon with my Eggs Benedict

 Gene Autry's home

 The Lobby

 MORE fabulous chairs!!

 This lamp is about 4 maybe 5 feet tall

On the way out David said "That was better then Ripleys 'Believe it or Not' "
I couldn't agree more!!

Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Palm Springs Living Zoo

Had a great four hours at the Living Zoo today. Lots of walking, lots of warm sunshine, lots of interesting vegetation and some very interesting animals. Unfortunately the Cheetah would not make an appearance and the camels were not there but the giraffe's were quite remarkable. That Giraffe is 19 feet tall!! A rattler behind glass was the only place we wanted to see one. And the carousel was the hit of the day - go figure. :)

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Grandma Can't Paint

In a creative moment, I thought I wanted to take up painting. So with a discount coupon in hand I purchased a whole lot of acrylic paints and some canvasses from Michaels.
It turns out I can't paint. AT ALL!!
But the grand girls can!!
This is what they did yesterday! With very minimal instructions from Grandma. :)
Because Grandma can't paint!

©2015 Julie Cortens Photography

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Wanuskawin Heritage Park

Went on a long walk with my Sweetheart/Sherpa this Saturday to the Wanuskawin Heritage Park. I was wishing I had brought my long lens because we saw some very pretty birds. Next time I will bring it and my tripod. Sherpa will bring a book and we will settle in and bird watch.
Yeah I know I am sounding kind of old.

But I did bring my 50 mm so I focused on all the beautiful little flowers and vegetation that make up the Canadian plains.

Must take the grands there some time his summer so they can run the trails.
We did manage to time our hour walk to end right when a dancer was about to start so we enjoyed another hour learning about and watching grass dancing.