Friday, 24 February 2017

Lock Up

We are at lock up stage - which means there are windows in and locks on doors so we can't get in unless our builder is with us. :(

But the roofers, the electrician and the plumbers are all working hard. During the week the house is full of people and it is moving along quickly. Final decisions on fixtures, floors, cabinetry, counters, plugs, switches...... are 90% completed!!

Now I focus on window treatments, some furniture, a few last lighting fixture and a few other items.

No heat yet - don't know how these workers work all day in the cold. The basement is temporarily heated so some poor plumber can dig a trench thru frozen ground for all the pipes. We are thankful for this very mild winter though. It could be a lot more difficult.

The view from the front hall - there will be a stairwell to the basement where the orange tarp is.

My view from my kitchen Island....I can't wait to share it with you over a cup of tea.... or glass of wine..... or martini. :) If you visit in summer we will be on the deck!

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