Monday, 6 August 2012

Saskatoon Wedding

Finally! I have some wedding photos ready from Kyle and Kristin's wedding. And what a beautiful day it was. Perfect in every way!
A gorgeous bride!
A very sweet and shy groom! Although some of the speeches would reveal his true nature. :)
Love, happiness and celebration permeated the day. Two wonderful families joined together.
Lots of laughter, lots of fun, lots of passion and oh my lots of photos to capture every special moment of the day.

Congratulations Kristin and Kyle. We so enjoyed our day with you.

Photos are up on the web site. Here for the wedding photos and here for reception photos. Sorry password protected


Kristin and Kyle said...

Julie the pictures look AMAZING! You did an amazing job by what you posted already! We are excited to see the rest!

Kristin and Kyle

Julie Cortens said...

Awe.... so glad you are pleased. Beautiful people make beautiful photographs. :)