Saturday, 19 July 2008

Meet you at the Beach

I have the day off. The WHOLE day!! No work, no duties (okay the laundry and a pile of dishes await me...and the back garden is full of weeds - AGAIN!). No entertaining, no one coming for supper - kids working - the WHOLE DAY OFF!!

It started with a sleep in! Yup - did not get out of bed until 7:30am! Then off for a bike ride - a long one through the U of S checking out a few things (will share that news later) and then biking to the coffee shop with my sweetheart.

Home and .....scrapbooking. Okay I cleaned out the fridge and made refrigerator soup - but that was needed so I wouldn't be tempted to eat the wrong things. I simply HAVE to get 10 pounds off and get into shape soon (will share why later).
So here is the mornings creative work and I am off to do another page...right after I throw in a load of laundry!

I used heidi swapp paper and Prima flowers for this. Thickers chip board letters most favorite product of late - the one I would most definitely take with me if I were marooned on a desert island with all the necessary living amenities (including a supply of Corona) and a table for scrapbooking and my hammock for sleeping ...yes I would take my Creative Imaginations rub-on letters! Yup - love these a whole lot!

These are pictures from the family reunion of 2001 - 23 cousins hanging out at the beach! They are not all in these photos.

My next page is an attempt to scrapbook the chaos of arranging the family photo shoot. Hopeful to post it tomorrow.

Carpe Diem!


Sonya and David said...

Great LO Julie! I love the colors and I'm gonna have to get me some of that paper.

Angie said...

I like how you used that paper. I seem to have found myself with 3 or 4 sheets of that paper for some must have really liked it each time I went into the store. Sounds like you had a nice day :)

kristen said...

Ya, that paper is awesome! Worked well with the colors in the photos.