Monday, 28 July 2008

More layouts

I love this page. Loved taking the pictures on a morning out biking with Harold, loved making the page and love how it turned out. My special son - journalling reads...

… are gentle and kind
… are so very tender-hearted, but you conceal it
… are insightful and intuitive; you watch and observe
… make me laugh, often
… are not a talker, just a thinker
... are very good at hiding your feelings

I very much dislike this page below- bad pictures and not so nice paper I bought years ago. Wasn't going to post it - actually was thinking it might go right into the trash - but I do want to archive the events of our lives and am too weary to redo the page. Scanned a little crooked too! :)


Sheryl said...

I absolutely love the first page. Wow. The black and white pictures are perfect on the bicycle paper.

April D said...

OMG! I sooooo love that first page! Love the black and white and the way you used that awesome bicycle paper...I have that paper as I love it and haven't used it yet, but that page inspires me...Great job, not that I am surprised as you do amazing work.