Sunday, 27 July 2008

Daughter layout ...and thoughts

Tim Holtz the guru of all things inked said something on his blog the other day that struck a chord with me. He said... ya know people ask me all the time why i give stuff away on my blog and why i always ask people to comment? well think of it this way, if you wrote letters every week to someone and they never wrote back, would you want to continue writing? i don't think so. so you leaving comments just lets me know you're out there and you're enjoying the read. i admit - i'm a blogger too! i love reading blogs, it's the morning paper with my coffee so to speak

Too bad I don't have stuff to give away...wait a minute ~ I have an old piano that needs tuning. Seriously, let me know if you want the piano. It is in the basement.

I am now about 2/3 the way through the 2001 photos. ....sigh. When I get to 2003 I started to have some digital and I was well into digital by 2004. When my scrapbooking gets to that point I should have some serious fun with the photos on my pages. I have a goal!! And I need to get caught up before grandchildren start arriving.

Now.... my latest page....Allison took a look at this 2001 photo of her that was sitting on my desk and asked why I would scrapbook THAT photo - she thinks every photo of herself is terrible so I ignore most of these comments. She came back a day later and commented on this layout - "very cute layout Mom". Perhaps the photo was growing on her...or maybe she just liked the layout. :)

I used product from every company in my stash,so I won't bore you with the list here, but do feel free to ask (maybe even leave a comment?) and I will be glad to tell you what I used.

This layout was inspired by a page from my favorite magazine - Scrapbook Trends (this is the Aug 08 edition). I don't think I have ever found a scrapbooking magazine that is so full of ideas and so worth every penny.

Have you ever done a layout inspired by something in Scrapbook Trends?


Anonymous said...

great new pages julie...when do you work again at JSI i will stop by..i miss you!

Julie said...

Hey Pam, I am there Tuesday at 12 noon. Hope you can stop by.

Original Inspirations said...

Hah Julie! My daughter is the same way - "why that picture" - and then ohs and ahs the layout when it's done. I think "every" picture has a story. Love the way you put this layout together.

April D said...

love this layout...very cute