Saturday, 22 August 2009

Having a blast on my MAC!

My latest page - I was wondering how I was going to scrap this beautiful picture of my daughters eyes that Melina took on her wedding day. Then it just came together and I am very pleased.

Took this photo of the river two weeks ago when the river was like glass.

This beats laundry, dishes and dusting..... but I really have to call it quits and get this stuff and some grocery shopping done.

Do click on the pages to see the detail.

My heart is beating a little faster today. My sweetheart has been afer me for several months to get one of my photos on a canvas for over the fireplace. Lacking confidence I haven't done it. But three weeks ago I just uploaded a fav to the Costco site.

David picked it up this morning and it is...well fabulous. I can't believe the detail in this 3X4 ft canvas - beautifully wrapped on a wooden frame. It is hanging over the fireplace now. Love it!
I have been uberly impressed with Costco photofinishing and services - AND prices!

More canvas photos to come!!

Would someone go to work for me next week?????

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Cheryl said...

Julie, you have been doing a fabulous job with your photos. We just got back from Niagara Falls and celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary. It was great. A tad bit touristy (cheesy) but all in all we had a wonderful time together. Your story about the older couple was very touching and as a person in the healthcare system, I know the feeling. You have to operate within the policies, which may not be in the person's best interests, but is all we have to work with unless they want to go private, which is extremely costly. You sound like you do your best, which is all we can do. Looking forward to seeing more pages and good tip for printing at Costco, that was one thing that was keeping me from trying digital. I didn't get any food or wine photos from our trip and now i am sad about that, we had some great food and did a wonderful wine tour. I will try and get a post done on my blog soon.