Saturday, 29 August 2009


I take my camera everywhere with me and yes we do have friends who like to comment on this persistent attachment to my hip which is no longer a child. And sometimes they don't comment but I have this paranoid feeling that they are thinking I am nuts. And maybe I am. But I am greatly into archiving our life and events and I love (am passionate about) taking photos - of anything!

CLICK - see? Just got ya!

And if my children were small I too would be a "momarazzi" but I am too old for that. HOWEVER any day now I will be a "grandmarazzi". And believe me you will be the first to know..or maybe the second. So stay tuned on that one.

n. pl. mom-a-raz-zi - A mom who doggedly pursues her children to take photos.

hmmmm sound like anyone of you reading this blog? Fess up!

Well then you need to check this out at Digital Photography School

Much like the paparazzi who have become notorious in Hollywood for stalking celebrities and making their lives miserable, I must confess that I belong to the growing community of parents who pursue, nay, stalk their children day in, day out, to take photographs. The thought of a single day, field trip or activity going undocumented simply does not bode well for me....

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Cheryl said...

I guess I could be classified as a grammazzarie!!!! Amanda has already learned to give a quick, and I mean fast, smile and then in the other direction!!!! She is just so priceless with the daily things she picks up and repeats back to us. She is pretty quick with the repeats and mimicking!!! Your pages are wonderful, I am in envy of your photos and also congratulations on the new job. It all sounds like you will be one busy person, but doing things you enjoy so that's great!