Monday, 24 August 2009

Chris and Chantal's wedding

I was recently blessed with the opportunity to assist Photographer Melina Perron in capturing Chris and Chantal's special day. While the day began with pouring rain, it all stopped right on cue when we arrived at the Berry Barn at 3 pm for the outdoor shots. Although the ground was a little wet, it was a beautiful day and overcast skies made for perfect lighting. We even saw the sun momentarily.

Here are some of my shots from the salon to the reception.

brides approval

Melina sets up the greatest shots.
Where she gets her ideas I do not know! :)
But I love this one!

My fav of the day... a little pixilated cause I uploaded a smaller version to save on blogger space.

Since this day I now have another wedding (all but the formals), a family, and a work (SHR) shoot booked and three more requests for group/family shoots - not yet booked. Not sure where all these unsolicited requests have come from but I am humbled and thankful the Lord is opening up opportunities for me to test my skills. Do hope I do not disappoint.


Angie said...

Julie, you are a wonderful photographer. I can definitely see why people would request you take pictures of them. You are so versatile too..from people to animals, to scenery, etc.

Julie Cortens said...

Thank you for your kind comments Angie. I don't usually photograph people -but I had so much fun at this wedding. It was eight hours straight of photos but I loved it all and slept like a baby that night.
I just hope I can create some beautiful (good quality) memories for these families.

Sheryl said...

Gorgeous photo's Julie.