Saturday, 20 August 2011

South Circle Bridge

Do we have an official name for this bridge?

David and I got on the bikes and checked out the new bridge early this am - like 8 am early.  It was a bit of a work out but our legs needed it as did our sagging metabolism.
It is progressing well (the bridge that is) and is always impressive to see.

So here are a few of my photos for you and for my friend Don (and Janey)
I know you wanted to get down there and have a look - hope you can do that soon.

BTW These are pretty big photos, so click on them for a much larger view.

 The north/west side is well under way. They are just preparing the ground on the s/e side.

Here is a closer look...with CN passing by.

BTW - those big metal girders? ( I have no idea what they are called)
But they are huge.
Need some perspective?
See if you can find the two guys working on them in the next photo.

Trucks just filling with rock, driving to the bottom of the hill (see first photo), 
dropping the rock and driving up to the top of the hill. All day long
 And while he waits for the next fill? Read the paper.

If you get a chance - head down there and take a look.

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