Tuesday, 23 August 2011

I scrapbooked!

Poor grammar, I know, but "I Made a Scrap-booking Page" was much too long a title. 
I am feeling the itch to scrap book again but I will have to quit the day job in order to actually scratch that itch. Between SHR and Photography I have worked almost 60 hr weeks the past two weeks. The house needs cleaning the ironing awaits me, the yard - hopeless. 
I have all these wonderful photos of Eva and Tanis and, well, I want to scrap them and get them into an album. Somehow, some day, some TIME! 

This happens to be a digital page - because they are much, much faster and my desk is currently covered in lenses and battery chargers so I do not have a place to actually glue. But I like it and I especially love the subject. 

Journalling reads: Eva came for the day today. She brought a bag of toys but her favorite were cans of tuna, oysters, chocolate pudding boxes and Grandpa building towers with them.

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