Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Saskatoon Photography ~ Wedding

Another wedding this past weekend and this union took place on the South Saskatchewan River. Yes, on the river. In a boat of course! My first ever wedding shoot on a boat. Yeah!  It was fun!
Mara and Phil were engaged last March, with plans for a destination wedding next February 2012 but in early August they decided, why wait? So they pulled everyone together for an "engagement" party and surprise!!!
Mara arrived in a wedding gown.
How spontaneous and fun!
And I was privileged to capture it! I love my job! :)
My favorite photo is of Mara and Phil heading off into the sunset with all their friends and family to celebrate this very special day.
That, and the look on Mara's eldest son's face when his Mom arrived in a wedding gown - proud and excited. Love it! Warms my heart.

The gallery is up on the web site for all the family and friends.
Password protected. Sorry!

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albertwhitey said...

Nice, Video, Mara looks gorgeous in wedding Gown. I think their photography will absolutely stunning.

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