Monday, 22 August 2011

Saskatoon Wedding~ First Look

Jason and Amanda chose to have their first look before the ceremony. Personally, I think this is a wonderful idea in every way. The bride is fresh and rested and when her groom sees her for the first time on their wedding day, they have that moment to just soak it all in. No ceremony order to get in the way, they just get to savor the moment in privacy... sort of. Okay there are a few clicking camera's but I am sure they were oblivious to them.
The love and excitement was very palpable.
We made sure the moment was theirs. Jason turned around and there his bride was in all her gorgeous beauty.

We have done this a few times with weddings and I always find the ceremony is so much more relaxed when we have spent a few hours having fun with photos.
I am still working my way through all the photos (in my evenings). Will let you know when they get posted to the web site.

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