Sunday, 20 September 2009

The Miracle of New Life

The absolute BLESSING of you

PINK! PINK!! I get to use PINK!
In my few moments of relax time during the day - often at 5am, I worked on this page of this beautiful little girl. Just because I LOVE looking at her and long to hold her.... and I am enjoying using pink!!

I have been a Grandma to this little girl for six days now and have not had any time at all to go buy something pink. Today is looking full again. Ahhhhhhhh Is there a baby clothes store out there that opens at 5am?


Vicki G. said...

Oh my gosh Julie!! She's GORGEOUS!! Congratulations to your whole family!

She has the SAME birthday as our 1 year old first granddaughter! September 14th ushers in some pretty splendid babies I'd say...

It is a very special thing to be a Grammy....

Julie Cortens said...

Thanks Vicki!
Yes she is a gem.
Wish she weren't so far away.

Anonymous said...


What an absolutely gorgeous granddaughter. Count on you to post such lovely pictures. Congrats to all!

Rose A

Anonymous said...

September 13th was our grand daughter Faith's 2nd birthday. Wow, so close.

Rose A