Tuesday, 22 September 2009

odds and ends

Haven't posted since Sunday. However I am posting on my 365 photo blog because it is, after all, a daily "challenge". So do stop over there and take a look.

I was sick all day today and even missed work - fist time in my life I have missed a day of work I think. I would have blogged or scrap-booked but I was in bed ALL day only getting up to take gravol! And I am heading back there shortly. Sweet husband was home by 4:30 to take care of me. Love this guy!

I am watching for seat sales to Vancouver... I wonder why. Travelodge/Best Western sales too.

LOVING the new job. Nobody knows where I am at my new phone so VERY few calls. tee hee!!!

I love fall - it smells so good but alas the mornings are starting to make me think of snow shovels.

Looking forward to Bible study tomorrow evening. Hope we all discover something "wow" in His Word!

Will post a fun picture I took in Vancouver. I call it the Tree ManDon't you love his bushy eyebrows and mustache? Or perhaps they are nose hairs.

Blessings to y'all!

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