Saturday, 5 September 2009

Brides and Babies. My two Allies.

1. First Allie the bride, our newlywed daughter.
This beautiful paper from Creative Imaginations(Teal Scroll) had Allison's wedding colours in it.

This was a very quick page I got done while Mark hollowed out three watermelons (guess what for) and the rest of the gang watched TV. Check out the watermelon photos on my 365 days blog

Good to have a little glue on my fingers again.

There is a lot of watermelon to eat around here.

1. Allie my daughter-in-love and my son Paul.
We are patiently waiting for THE phone call. Our first grandchild was due on Aug 31st, but when do babies ever come when they are expected?

All baby, our daughter-in-law, Allie, is all baby! Photo take Aug 31/09. Isn't she beautiful?


Allison said...

Love these pages mom! Such a cute picture of Allie and Paul.

Sheryl said...

Great pages. I feel for Allie. I hope she delivers soon.:)

Kate said...

That is more then all baby! It's all BELLY! What a CUTIE!!! Looking forward to all the gorgeous baby photos Julie!